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Our hearts still glow with joy after Happinez Festival 2015… What a beautiful and inspiring event it was! We enjoyed everyones presence and the happy, relaxed, radiant, serene and focussed faces of all visitors. Thank you so much for being a part of this wave of love, peace and happiness. On regards of all the Happinez staff: Namaste.

Mark Nepo · davidji · Brandon Bays · Mallika Chopra · Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng-Samnøy · Rajshree Patel ·
Tara Stiles · Geert Kimpen · Jan Kuiper · Tijn Touber & Irene Sportel · Frédéric Lenoir · Spring Groove · Leo Bormans · Carmen Mensink · Johan Witteveen · Goedele Leyssens · Gert van Leeuwen · Skadi van Paaschen · Evelien Fokker · Arjan Erkel · Arita Baaijens ·
Lisa Portengen en Koos Janson · Ethan Nichtern · Patricia van Walsteijn · Jan Geurtz · Johan Noorloos · Paul de Blot · Patrick van Hees ·
Hans Andeweg · Luc Acke · Mo Stipsen · Thirza van de Hoeff · Joachim Meire & Evy Gruyart · Marco Rodie · Anne Roffel


Free seminars

Rajshree Patel – Art of Breathing

During the last Happinez Festival her workshops were filled to the brim. Rajshree Patel, senior teacher at the The Art of Living foundation, is one of the most influential spiritual teachers in the world. She will show and make you experience that breathing well is the key to inner peace. ‘By discovering that through changing your breath, your emotions and thoughts will change, which will help you to stay more balanced and strong in life. This is a wish I have for everyone,’ she says. Many people only use thirty per cent of their breath. ‘This is such a pity, because by fully exhaling you get rid of toxins and that will really ease your mind,’ according to Rajshree.

davidji – The secret of meditation

Would you like to start meditating? Or do you need a nudge to sit quietly a little more often? Then the American spiritual teacher davidji is your man. His workshop is your chance to meet mister meditation in person. davidji will introduce you to ancient wisdoms of meditation and, more importantly, will let you experience what it does to you and how you could use it during stressful times.

N.B. On Friday and Saturday davidji will teach a guided meditation. On Saturday Luc Acke will accompany this with live music.

Spring Groove – Connecting through singing

Singer Spring Groove would like to connect people through her music, ‘because we are more alike than we are different.’ Spring sings in many languages – from Sanskrit to Hebrew and Spanish, mixing pop, folk and mantras. A concert by Spring is an uplifting, energetic experience and a ‘medicine for the soul’.


Frédéric Lenoir Can happiness exist without love?

No one could show you the way to love and happiness better than French philosopher and bestselling author Frédéric Lenoir, who studied both themes extensively. This festival he will explore the connection between the two: is love a condition for a happy life? Lenoir finds inspiration in many movements and religions, from Christianity to Shamanism, from Kabbalah tot Buddhism.


Mallika Chopra – Live with intent

When Mallika and her brother were little, their father, Deepak Chopra, suggested to start the day with a question: what do I want today? Nowadays Mallika (writer of ‘Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy’) still likes to observe her deepest wishes originating from the thought: what really matters to me? She invites you to do the same and will help you well on your way.


Ethan Nichtern – The way home

For a Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern, age 36, might be fairly young, but he has been traveling the United States for many years to talk about Buddhism and meditation. This Festival he will take his audience on a journey. Together you will visit your self-consciousness, but also your relationships and he will explain how, by focussing more on the world around us and the world within us, we can feel a deeper connection with others.


Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng – Change the world

The Norwegian princess Märtha Louise and writer Elisabeth Nordeng are both psychic and have been in touch with angels since childhood. Together they have a mission: change the world by making people aware of the possibilities they have inside, to find the strength to believe in their dreams and to then go for it.


Mark Nepo – Say yes to life

He is widely acknowledged as one of the ‘best spiritual guides of our time’. The most important advice poet en philosopher Mark Nepo will give you: say yes to your life. His lecture will inspire you to connect with both the wonderful and less happy moments. ‘No experience is for nothing, every one of them is valuable,’ explains Nepo.

Brandon BaysThe journey of your life

If you say Brandon Bays you say ‘The Journey’. This method to relieve physical, emotional and/or mental problems was founded by Bays. This lecture is a unique opportunity to meet her, one of the great spiritual leaders of our time.



Tara StilesShine with Strala yoga

One of Tara Stiles’ most famous students, Deepak Chopra, once said: ‘I have been doing yoga for thirty years and I have had many teachers, but Tara’s classes have helped me more than any other.’ She developed her own style of yoga she called ‘Strala’, Swedish for ‘shine’. At the Festival you can experience for yourself what makes her style of no-nonsense yoga so special.


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