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This is your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020

This is your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020

Welcome to 2020, a new year to explore. According the horary astrology the planetary aspects represent the new year on the 1st of January at 00.00pm. This is what 2020 has in store for you, based on your Zodiac Sign.


The start of the new year sweeps out the energy of the previous year. New Years Eve has the ability to shake you up and touch your heart in a way you haven’t felt for a very long time. With the ascendant in Libra and the Chiron in Aries, you’re certain: it is time to let love back into your life. And don’t be surprised if you lock eyes with ‘the one’ while cheering into the new year. That’s how fast it can go. Although this doesn’t mean you have forgotten about the things that happened in the past. Give it time, when things still hurt. Your partner in 2020 will help you get through those painful moments by massaging them away until you relax, and there is no pain left. 2020 will be the year of self-control. By gaining control over your words and behaviour, you will allow others to open up to you. That’s where you will experience some beautiful revelations. You will notice that you have plenty of space left in your heart and it just feels incredible.


The start of the new year marks a beautiful trine relationship between the flashing planet Uranus and the communicational planet Mars. Furthermore, your personal planet Venus will be located in the sign of Aquarius. And they all point in one direction: 2020 will be your year of freedom and independence. Your own 4th of July. You can imagine that this prosperity might create some turbulence in a steady relationship. Even more so if that someone wants to keep you to oneself. For a peace-loving Taurus like you, those tensions will give you occasional stomach pain. Because, even though you don’t want to hurt anyone, the lure of liberty is too strong to ignore. Have faith in finding your bearings to pull yourself out of this emotional gap. There will be a time that the other is able to give you space without feeling threatened. And this will entirely be the result of how you communicate. Clear communication skills are the key to receiving sympathy from your environment. And that is how you shine in 2020. Have trust in the universe and everything will fall in place. Even if the answer doesn’t lay right in front of you.


Right at the start of the decennium your personal planet Mercury will be in Capricorn, where it connects with Jupiter and Uranus in a most favourable way. This alignment will mark a year full of promises, in which you are aware of your capabilities. There is a ‘but’ in this story though, as things can also be overwhelming at times. You might feel you’re not taking every opportunity that is presenting itself. With Mercury in Capricorn you are possibly aiming too high and can be hard on yourself for not reaching certain goals. Even that feeling of being the ‘golden girl’ can drive you crazy at times. As your mind is flowing over of opportunities, you can’t help but feel restricted to more ordinary obligations that get thrown at you. Try to be patient and allow yourself to discover and roam around the playground which is called life. Save the bigger choices in life for the right moment, when you are done exploring.


The North Lunar Node is in Cancer on New Year’s Eve, which means that this will be a defining year more so for you than for anyone else. Your destiny pulls at you and where some things stand in your way, you can’t deny that other cases, people and things are and will always be a part of your life. It’s time to bite the bullet and let things go. The Moon, which is important to you, is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This will bring you a year of being highly sensitive and open to spiritual experiences. You might even experience a moment of enlightenment. It’s important to protect yourself against loud noises, people, parties and alcohol, as you won’t feel equipped to deal with this yourself in 2020. You flourish when you surround yourself with nature and pure silence. That is where you deeply connect with your inner feelings, where you come home to yourself and create the awareness of not needing others to be happy. This obviously doesn’t mean that you should become a hermit, but more so to protect your own space from so called ‘space invaders’.


Like every year the Sun is in Capricorn on New Year’s Eve. This night you might feel you’re not able to connect with the party-goers that are enjoying the fireworks. But don’t let this mark the rest of the beautiful year ahead of you. On the first of January the Sun will conjoin the ‘greater fortune’ planet Jupiter. This means that the cosmic is on your site in 2020! Jupiter is the planet of hope, faith and love, of higher education, long distant travels, and of literal and metaphorical fortune. So, take your pick! What do you need most in life? What are your dreams? Have you been longing to go traveling? Just focus on it and things will happen! You only need your happy thoughts to use the law of attraction, on love, luck and success. You know what they say: The sky is the limit. In this wonderful year you will receive much more than just sunlight. Just have faith in all the good in life and you will receive it. It’s true!


At the start of the year your guided planet Mercury is in Capricorn. It’s a favourable connection with Jupiter on the South Lunar Node, but it‘s a tricky position as well. 2020 will make you feel excellent with lots of confident and a positive attitude. Nevertheless you tend to stick to old patterns which feel safe and secure, even though you know it is time to move forward. On a spiritual level you, especially, feel stuck although your live is fulfilling as it is. With a little help of Uranus you will try to make a difference, although most of the time it’s a feint. Every so often you take a leap and then to quickly return to your safe haven. Why don’t you try to make 2020 your gap year, in which you are aloud to take a break and to work on a plan for the near future? This is necessary if you don’t want to get stuck. Show them what you got when it comes to work and career. Explore your options, the world is waiting for you.


Once the clock strikes twelve, the erotic planetoid Juno is in Libra in a favourable connection with your personal planet Venus. And guess what; you don’t need to be an astrologist to see the casting of the shadows of these planets. 2020 marks passion and eroticism. Some astrologists see Juno as the indicator for marriage and true love. Another pack of astrologist believe Juno is the messenger of extramarital desire and resembles the symbol of love triangle. And there is something you should know about triangle relationships. They can create a sustainable dynamic which can last for years. This mainly occurs when a person isn’t able to choose between two lovers, while the other two play the roles of attraction and repulsion. In this way you will get involved with your partners affair in a very negative way. You, also could be that person who isn’t able to choose between two men (or women). And this is exactly what could happen to you in 2020. Funnily enough you will learn a lot from this situation. For example that no-one is good or bad, because in everything that is good, you will find something bad and in everything bad you will find good. That is the holism of Juno.


On New Years Eve the dynamic planet Mars will be in your sign in a favourable connection with the intuitive and wise Lilith. Therefore, this will be a year of growth and feminine power. Lilith has angelic capacities which cause you to connect with your higher, inner knowledge. On the same note, she also has a Kali-side. Kali is the Indian goddess of darkness, a furious goddess with a machete, a bloodthirsty tongue and a chain of skulls. Kali gives life, but even so takes it away. She violently destroys demons with no mercy. The results are a rebalanced harmonious life preceded by a bloody battlefield. A Scorpio has a lot of affinity with Kali, and you will go to any lengths when you belief someone disadvantaged you. And in that case, you will be ruthless. You too, feel deeply connected with the processes of life and death. Make this the year you can connect with superpowers, because you know exactly when to hit. Be aware to only use your gift judiciously and for the right reasons.


On New Year’s Eve your personal planet Jupiter is located between the joyful Sun and the communicative Mercury, in a row with the South Lunar Node, in the sign of Capricorn. These planets gift you the power to make this a beautiful year. You will achieve a lot by just using the magic of words. The things you say impact your environment and that is exactly what you want. In addition, the Sun is your helper in improving your personal power and charism, which makes you the perfect leader or teacher amongst others. All these things suit your ambitions.

The South Lunar Node orders you to let go of the past, which is only possible when you round things off. You won’t get away with any loose ends. If you manage to tie them off, you will be able to reach your goals. Wait and see how all your hard work will eventually pay off and make it worth it. Have patience, keep hope and 2020 will deliver.


Once the clock strikes twelve, your rigorous master Saturn will stand together with powerhouse Pluto in your sign, the sign of Capricorn. Isolated, ready to start a fight, where nobody is aloud to interfere. This position can relate to things that are happening within yourself or in your life. An inner struggle where no one else can help, a fight you have to do on your own. There will be moments you think you are losing the battle, moments where Pluto’s destructive side predominates. But nothing can beat the resiliency and determination of Saturn. If you are able to tap a little deeper into that inner source, you will survive and feel reborn. Saturn and Pluto are battling in the fourth house, which represents the emotional foundation. A place that literally can feel like your home. At home, or within your family, you might feel you’re the victim of a situation. But know that this is actually a mistake. Try to understand how some parts of the outer world are the reflection of what is really happening in your inner world. This might be the key to let go of the battle.


When two planets are in each others sign, astrologists speak of reciprocity. Which is the case for Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius at the start of 2020. This reciprocity can be a delight for an Aquarius. It will bring strength to the energy of Venus in your life, which can bring you closer to the love affair that you have been longing for. We talk about a love affair here on purpose, as you might both have love and a relationship in your life, but not with the same person. And even though you are capable of doing both, deep down you want to be with the person that you can share everything with at once. That one person you feel connected with on all levels and melt together with into a perfect yin yang. Venus will undertake a commitment with planetoid Juno, which will help you recognise your life partner. But be aware, as Juno has a different side also. Your crush can feel so real that you are willing to put your principles of faithfulness and fairness aside. And then one plus one could all of a sudden be three…


Your personal planet Neptune is conjunct to the Moon once the clock strikes twelve and you leave 2019 behind. It’s the start of an emotional year that will bring you tears and joy. You will face cases that will undermine your sense of security, because they can literally take place inside your home or within your family. These matters will show you your weaknesses and make you realise, you havent always taken good care of your hearth and home. In fact, this will make your realise how important your health, home and family are. They are your foundation. If those things are aligned, the rest (work, money) will follow. Our advise to you is to explore your basic needs and to strengthen the weak spots. Do not fear to take this literally. If the foundation of your house is showing difficulties, tackle the situation. You will notice that constructing those fields, will make you emotionally stronger.

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