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Your Summer Horoscope for 2020

Your Summer Horoscope for 2020

Bare feet, the sun on your face, and the wind that blows through your hair: the long days let us enjoy the summer. It is all about the planet Mars. How this influences your Zodiac Sign you can read here. One thing is for certain: astrology wise it will be a hot summer…

We are resilient creatures, this becomes very clear during this current time. Resilience is about the ability to survive under challenging circumstances. To always find a way and not give up. To be creative with everything that comes your way. This is how our ancestors survived extreme diseases, wars, and disasters.

We also have this resilience in us, which can mainly be found with the militant planet Mars. In the months July and August it stands in its favorite sign: Aries. There it consecutively makes a square with Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually Saturn. Which message is hidden in there?

The summer horoscope for 2020:


In July and August, Mars stands in the Zodiac sign Aries, its favorite sign. There it consecutively makes a square with Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually Saturn. It promises to be a hot summer, in which you consciously seek out battle because as a child of Mars, you will feel attracted to it like bees to honey. You have the feeling you have to get up on the barricades. This will start in July, with heated discussions with the people around you, which gradually merge into intense anger. This can make you feel like you have to fight for your life and your rights.

If you do not want to lose yourself in this, it is important to keep listening to the other’s point of view. This period asks for empathy, not aggression. No one wins if we get up on the barricades, but if we really talk to each other, everyone wins. Because you are in the epicenter of this development it is your job to really research where you can find your biggest strength. You will not find this in screaming or fighting, how tempting it might be, but by showing initiative and leadership. You can be the shepherd “the heard” needs right now.


Mars strengthens your spiritual resilience. This stems from the connection you feel with the higher power or the cosmos and by meditating often you will receive hope and inspiration. Nevertheless, you can sometimes get involved in one of the many mini-wars that are happening right now. By showing others a higher and loving perspective, you will elevate the discussions to a different level. For this, you might want to seek out solitude first because the verbal and ideological violence around you can become too much. In nature or your own backyard, you can regain your strength and find inspiration for a new refreshing sound.

Mainly in August the need for clarity can become so strong, that you might be obsessed with it. Then the important thing is to let it go and accept that the world around you cannot be changed overnight. When you focus on the things you can control – like taking good care of yourself – you will see your inner peace returning. It is on you to make clear which things you can control and which you cannot. Keep it small!


Mars, for you, is active in the friendship-zone. This will appear to be your big source of resilience this summer. The moment you feel connected with likeminded people, you can handle everything that comes your way.

But because there is much discussion, it can take effort to decide for yourself whom you want to belong to and whom you might not belong to. Sometimes friends can make such “strange sounds” which make you wonder whether you want to stay friends. Mainly concerning politics and society, the connection can be completely gone. Realize that everyone is currently speaking louder than usual. Mars is also the planet of energy and when it is in Aries, we all have more energy than we can use. A large hamster wheel for people might be a solution…

When the discussions and ideologies flare-up, you can inspire others. You can show them what we all have in common. Humor for instance, and the ability for empathy, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It will not be easy, again, it will be a hot summer. But friends are your safety net, there is nothing else to do than accept that in-fighting is part of life.


Mars is located in your career and reputation zone these summer months. This can make you feel like you have to work hard for your spot or your good name. It can be that others are underestimating you, but the power of Mars wants to show you your worth. You will succeed in this, after the necessary struggle.

But as a Cancer, you do not like fighting. When a battle arises, you rather pull back. This, in fact, is the first fight you have to deliver, even before you compete with others. It is important to overcome the feeling to give op or the feeling of being the victim. When you have finished this “job”, the rest will be a piece of cake. Then you can take an even more important step in the direction of your true ambition. Try to accept that the necessity to fight a battle will not soon disappear. However, its nature will change: the ideals you cherish will play an increasingly important role. Do you really stand for that you believe in? The discovery that the answer is yes, means you have opened up a big reservoir of resilience.


In July and August, Mars will be in your zone of hope and belief, distant travels, study, and other cultures. You will probably not hesitate long before taking a plane when it is possible again. When you have the feeling that you can get out there, get in touch with other cultures, you will feel your resilience returning quickly.

Now, the energy of Mars will experience some complications this summer. Mainly in July, when it makes a square with Mercury, it can produce some small obstacles. But obstacles are there to be conquered, so you will be all right. In August it will be more difficult. The contact with other cultures can unleash some militancy in you. There are things you cannot understand. The way people handle animals, nature or children, for instance. By turning this feeling into action, you can really mean something for the people (or animals) on site. This asks you to control yourself. When others see your anger, it will only evoke irritation and rejection. Act with love and respect.


This summer, Mars, for you, will be in the zone of sexuality, intimacy, transformation, and the deep secrets of life. You must find a way to take your resilience from this… It can mean that the confrontation with an event that changes your life will be cathartic. Maybe because you can connect physically with someone in a way you have never felt before. It can also be that a child is born (this does not have to be your own child), or you have to say goodbye to someone dear to you. The intense emotions you have to deal with might evoke an inner struggle at first, but this is also a call to find that primal source within yourself.

By making contact with the Kundalini (divine feminine energy), you can go through a huge transformation. Not every aspect of this transformation will be easy, but it does lead to anchoring your wellbeing on a deeper level, which is less dependent on the small things around you. This makes you better suited to deal with everything that is going on in the world.


Mars will draw attention to your partner, to your love affair. There it can cause a disruption of the balance that you cherish so much. You will be taken aback, taken from your comfort zone, and your partner will play the leading role in this. Words will be used you cannot take back. You feel like you have to deliver a fight, which is actually against your will. Moreover, it seems like your partner is making a big deal out of nothing. But, the more you try to extinguish the fire, the brighter it will flare-up.

Maybe you will get to a point of fighting back around the middle of the summer. Because you notice keeping all involved parties happy has exhausted you and does not work anyway. This is when you can tap into that deep inner source of power. One that seems to have been always hidden inside you. Maybe this surprises you so much that you can be strong and fierce. But your partner could have a feeling of: “finally”. He or she might be longing for you to present yourself as an equal for a long time. Because of this, everything will turn out fine.


This summer, Mars will direct all your energy towards dealing with practical matters and taking care of your body and health. This may, initially, have to do with a message you might not want to hear at all, but this fixes itself on a problem. And that problem wants to be solved, and you are appointed to take care of this. Jupiter can cause a sort of overestimating yourself, the feeling you can deal with this quickly. But when this fails, or when the practical or physical problem seems to be more persistent than you expected, you will pull out all the stops. Maybe you will spin in the same circle ten times. You feel that there must be a solution and you focus fully on finding it. As for determination you will exceed the wildest expectations of yourself and the people around you.

Eventually, it seems to be better to come to a stop to make a turnaround on a deeper level, if you really want to solve this. When you find the willingness to tone down your ego, it can all go very quickly. This will teach you something about true resilience, which is not only found by sinking your teeth into something but mainly by letting go.


Mars will be in your zone of creativity, your playful and childlike side, where the contact with children and youths will also take place. This can cause some fireworks. You will have to deal with the rebellious child within yourself or one in your surroundings. A sort of primitive strength wants to break free, and this will do whatever it takes. It is egocentric energy, but this does not mean its an evil energy. It is a type of energy that needs an outlet, and it must be channeled.

When it is an (adolescent) child, that causes a spectacle, the trick is to not get involved in a battle with him or her. This battle will only cause an uncomfortable atmosphere, nothing will be solved. Try to find a way together, in which he or she can be him or herself without bothering you. Ifs this concerns yourself, look for it in art and culture. This is the moment to show yourself in a raw and un-crafted way to the outside world. On a canvas or a stage. There will be moments in which you believe in yourself and there will be dark moments full of doubt, but then you will discover your biggest resilience is found in your creativity.


With Mars in the zone of house and family business, you can have the feeling you have to fight for your home base, for the people that are dear to you. This can start in July when irritations might occur with the neighbors. Because of noise or a barbeque in the garden, for instance. The reason is small and insignificant, but your response might be very exaggerated. This has to do with a deeper feeling of threat caused by what is happening in the world. You want to protect your family and your safe haven from this.

But it can cause you to blow things out of proportion. Seeing dangers and threats that might not be as big as they appear. It is important to stay sober and not get carried away in big and small battles. Further on in the summer, this feeling of insecurity might increase and cannot be ignored any longer. This is not about the world, this is about you. It is time to accept the risks life brings, and the fact you cannot protect yourself from everything. When you realize this, you can tap into a new source of resilience.


Mars visits your zone of communications and there it indulges in its fighting spirit. In July, this makes you draw conclusions quickly and makes your tongue as sharp as a sword. People might be scared by your statements and turn against you, but even when you notice the conversation turning south, it is hard to respond in a modest way. Your words are filled with a kind of suppressed energy, with impatience and anger. As if you have had to hold back for a very long time and can now finally share what you have been carrying with you.

Perhaps you are right, but you probably won’t get a confirmation. And also the message you are trying to convey to others will not be listened to, which makes you feel like a voice in the wilderness. To get to your true resilience, which indeed can be found in your ability to communicate with others, you will need to let go of the necessary things. The strong desire to be seen and heard, for instance. Try to be more open, to listen, and to wait for the other’s questions. Then you will reach what you once thought impossible, without any struggle.


In the zone of self-worth Mars can cause some tension. This can express itself financially, among other things. Sometimes you feel like others do not value you enough, you want a better reward, more acknowledgment, you want to be seen. This can be completely just, but it is important to formulate this wish tactically and strategically. You can have the tendency to see it as a fight, which causes you to get caught up in discussions that will not have the desired result.

When you, all of a sudden, claim too much of others, they can distance themselves instead of going along with your wishes. It is about finding an honest form of appreciation. An appreciation you are content with, but which is also supported by the other.

This will probably ask you to let go of some of your demanding attitudes. This will not happen automatically, but when you realize that in the first place it is about self-esteem and self-worth and that you do not need the other to give this to you, it can become so much easier and you will get so much more done. This summer you will discover your resilience: in self-worth.

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