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Your Safe Space: Create Your Own House Altar

Your Safe Space: Create Your Own House Altar

Little daily rituals are so important, like making a small offering to express our gratitude for good health, or lighting a candle to offer strength to a friend in need.

You can create a protective, supportive field in your house by collecting objects that are important to you, and by inviting the four elements in your own little house altar:

The Four Elements

Earth – body

Include the element of earth (yin), or the senses, in your ritual when your wishes are related to your home, job, or finances – anything related to security. Earth bestows peace and harmony but also reliability.  On your altar: sand, salt, an acorn, stone or flower.

Air – spirituality

Air stands for freedom, the spirit, and communication. This element (yang) can help you make decisions and deal with disappointments. On your altar: a feather or incense

Fire – emotions

Fire (yang) stands for passion, will, life, force and action. This element can generate energy, bring about transformation, and set new things in motion. You can include fire when embarking on a new adventure or challenge. On your altar: a candle, an oil lamp, a piece of coal, or incense. 

Water – The inner world

Water (yin) stands for intuition and cleansing. This element can be used in rituals for anything related to thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, or fears. On your altar: a shell or bowl of water.

Make Your Own House Altar

Lay a piece of cloth down, choose a bowl or a pretty altar table, and sit in front of it. Now invite the four wind directions into your home. Next invite Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Ask them to ground, feed and cleanse your house and those who live in it. Put the first objects down on your altar. Light a candle, then use the flame to light some incense. Next, put down something that symbolizes the Earth, followed by a small bowl filled with water or wine that you briefly touch with your fingers.

For each element, invite the power that comes with it. Now the foundation of your altar is laid. You can add objects and photographs that are important to you. Over time you can change them; sometimes you can add something for someone who is going through a hard time, or you can ask for insight or support. You can express gratitude by placing some beautiful flowers or by making room for your favorite cookie.

Make Your Altar Powerful

Your altar will gain strength every time you feed it with attention and respect. Sit down regularly, light a candle, burn some sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the energy with their smoke. Refresh the water, and touch all the objects. Your home and all who live in it will thank you for it.

This ritual is part of  “Do-it-yourself rituals – Altars, arrangements and ceremonies”, an article from issue 15 “Intuition”.

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