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You Allow Others to Gain Important Insights, Pisces

You Allow Others to Gain Important Insights, Pisces

It is time to help others. 

Are you a Pisces? In this case, “healer” is your middle name. You are only happy when others are, and you can go a long way in this. The best way to do this now is by helping others to become aware of their self-worth or the lack thereof. Think about people who do everything to get appreciation from others. Like in a relationship or on Social Media. Often, behind this need to please, a huge emptiness and insecurity reside. The feeling of not being good enough to be allowed to receive the love of others.

Loving Gaze

You will probably recognize this in yourself, but if you were able to find more wholeness and to love yourself unconditionally, then it is time to help others. By showing them their worth, by showing them they do not have to be beautiful, rich, or successful. They do not need to do anything, they are all right, just the way they are, and they are loved no matter what. You don’t need to say it often, just your presence and loving gaze can kiss this realization awake.

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