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What Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About Your Mindset

What Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You About Your Mindset

Did you know your Zodiac Sign has an influence on your mindset? Read about all Zodiac Signs and their characteristics below.


Aries is not a deep thinker – of course, there are Aries that can think deeply, but in a very straightforward way. White is white and black is black, there is no grey area. Aries is mainly interested in things that he or she can “do” something with. So science “yes”, philosophy “no”. Also, things in which a bit of battle can be found are of interest to an Aries. Legal issues, for instance, in which Aries can act as a fighter for what is right, hit a nerve.


What you cannot touch, see or smell does not exist for a Taurus. So no floaty theories or far-fetched stories. Taurus likes to keep both feet on the ground and keep to the facts. What does it cost, how big is it, what can I do with it? Typical Taurus’s study subjects like economics, business administration, or “something with plants, nature”. This can be seen as a bit dry, but Taurus also has a poetic side, which he or she can express through their love for music.


Gemini is the rational sign, par excellence. Everything is subjected to an analysis of the pros and cons. Gemini can reason like the best. But, this can be an obstacle regarding matters of the heart. The mind of a Gemini is at its best when something needs to be learned, when something needs to appear on paper, or when something needs to be told (like a teacher, or at school for instance). A typical Gemini profession is working as a journalist.


Cancer feels first and thinks after. The mental energy of Cancer is aimed at the human aspect. They have nothing in common with abstract matters or science. Cancer is great in emphasizing in the other, having empathy. History is also something that Cancer enjoys, from the knowledge that we all are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. Cancer really likes reading biographies. And Cancer is at its best in professions in which they take care of others.


Leo is not often an intellectual, because a Leo likes being the best and instinctively knows that their talents are not in studying thick books endlessly. Leo has the free and playful mind of an artist. The biggest strength of Leo is in thinking and creating something new, something beautiful, and preferably something spectacular. The admiration and acknowledgment this can generate is the biggest thrill.


Virgo is an especially mental and factual sign. Virgo likes counting things, keep track of things, summarize, analyze, make lists, and schedules. Also, Virgo has an interest in natural processes: Animals, plants, biochemistry. And they are great in jobs in which they can design something to perfection, like a fashion designer or art director. Not so much to score as an artist, but mostly to let others shine.


The mind of a Libra always tries to balance just and righteous means. We can come to agreements, make compromises, and agree, can’t we? This is the starting point of a real Libra. Reasonableness is more important than personal emotions. It is not easy to get into a fight. But this does not mean that others are just as reasonable. This causes Libra to get caught up in a battle that he or she tries so hard to avoid.


The typical Scorpio is a bit of a researcher, a detective searching for the truth, which needs to be found. This searching can become an obsession for the truth. Because Scorpio is a water sign, this is not a systematical or rational process. Feelings and intuition always play a part. Professions in which a Scorpio will feel completely in his or her element, have to do with the (sick) human psyche (crime) or the mystery of death and birth.


While Sagittarius is smart, he or she does not like “book smarts”. Sagittarius taps into a higher force, a primal wisdom with he or she was born. Life itself is their most important teacher. When Sagittarius goes college, it preferably has to do with culture, this elusive code that connects people is of great interest to a Sagittarius. From art and politics to cultural anthropology. Workwise a Sagittarius often ends up in “something” with foreign countries.


Capricorn has a sober and factual mind that sees the big picture. Intricate technical constructions and enormous calculations, this is something the Capricorn loves, male or female. But it has to be specific and tangible. This is why being an architect is a perfect profession for a Capricorn. Also in science, a Capricorn can develop him or herself. They are naturally good planners and think ahead and he or she likes money. Something with “financial” or “management” is a perfect fit.


Aquarius has a fast mind which can see unique connections. This is reflected in their sense of humor (they like being the clown), but also when they are dealing with science or mechanics. He or she could develop into a true inventor. Aquarius has their own logic with which they look at the world, and thus comes to original insights, which others are often not ready for yet. This is why Aquarius is the visionary of the Zodiac Signs.


A difficult moment in the life of a Pisces is when they feel like they are not as smart as others. The mind of a Pisces is imaginative and therefore quickly strays. This is not rewarded in the schooling system. But this rich fantasy is Pisces their biggest quality. Especially when Pisces finds a way to express himself or herself musically or artistically. And if there is something like a spiritual IQ, Pisces is a genius.

Text: Johanna Blok

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