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Virgo: You Will Fullfill a Soul Wish this November

Virgo: You Will Fullfill a Soul Wish this November

You help yourself at soul level this Month, Virgo. 

With Neptune in Pisces, you can take on the role of martyr or scapegoat. By taking on this role, you will help others, even though this might not be via the conscious route. It happens to you, more than you actually choose it. But in this “happening” a soul wish is indeed fulfilled.

Karma Points

Subconsciously, you want to do this for the other, you want to bring healing into a conflict or a relationship, for instance. By sacrificing yourself, the other is forced to take in another position, look at the situation differently. This does not mean you can salvage the relationship itself, but it does mean you can save the other, without winning anything yourself. And you will still do it. A way to ease your pain is the realization that you earn “karma-points” this way. Neptune is a planet heavily connected with karma. It is about healing another, by your inner strength to make sacrifices. And with this, you help the other, but also yourself: At soul level.

Text: Johanna Blok

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