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This Love-Partner Suits Your Zodiac Sign

This Love-Partner Suits Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer is sensitive and dedicated, Aquarius is funny and cool and Leo is loyal and demanding. Does your partner suit you well, according to astrology? Or, if you are single, which Zodiac Sign will be a good match for you?

Aries: Confident and Intense

Do you like someone who stands their ground, makes decisions easily, and can be a bit dominant, then Aries is the one for you. With Aries, it is never boring, but because of his or her intensity and demanding nature, you could become a bit tired after spending time with them.

Taurus: Caring and Possessive

Taurus likes to see which way the wind blows and could come across as a bit standoffish. It takes time to get to know him or her because they first want the time to judge whether it is going to work out. Taurus does not like noncommittal relationships: If they go for it, they go for it 100%, and they expect the same from you. Are you not ready for such commitment, maybe Taurus is not the one for you.

Gemini: Lively and Unpredictable

If there is one thing that typifies a Gemini, it is that he or she likes change. Especially in the beginning, this can be fun: Gemini is open to everything and likes surprising you. You can probably have a great laugh with them. Do you want to build something with them, then you need to learn how to deal with their unpredictable nature. Being on time and honor agreements is not their strongest suit.

Cancer: Sensitive and Dedicated

Sensitive and empathic, a Cancer through and through. Are you looking for someone that wants a stable relationship, Cancer is the one for you: They like commitment and a dedicated partner. This dedication could become a dependence and sacrifice. When they are feeling down, they can start to argue with you intensely. But when you resolve this, he or she will once again be sweet and caring.

Leo: Loyal and Demanding

The motivation for Leo is passion. Does a Leo has his or her sight aimed at something (or someone), they will do their best to reach this. You can also build on them, if you put them on a pedestal: Leo expects you to see him or her as the “king of the jungle”. If you give them much, you can expect to get much back in return.

Virgo: Orderly and Planned

Does he or she like you? When dealing with a Vigo there is no telling. Don’t become insecure, because it could be that they are hiding their feelings. In a relationship, Virgo is an orderly type, the one who likes to arrange everything properly. Planning a vacation is something they are very good at. Virgo is also critical and tenacious.

Libra: Charming and Present

Considering love a Libra is all about balance (surprise!). On the one hand, they like to spend time alone, but on the other hand, they are looking for love Beauty is very important to them: They appreciate it when you look well-groomed and they will do their best as well. A Libra is charming and generous, but can also be bossy and precise.

Scorpio: Passionate and Caring

For a Scorpio love, for the most part, is something physical. They are passionate and expect you to choose him or her: If you “hang out” with something in a friendly way, they could become jealous. They are very interested in you and will try their best to take good care of you during your relationship. Being faithful is not their strongest point, but it depends on what this means to you: Scorpio can be sexually “unfaithful” but at the same time be loyal towards you.

Sagittarius: Positive and Passionate

Are you inclined to think the glass is half empty, rather than half full, Sagittarius could be a good match for you. This sign is an optimist, that finds honesty and moral very important. Sagittarius is passionate, both in the physical sense as during conversations.

Capricorn: Dedicated and Present

For a Capricorn, depth is important. They will not just choose anybody, but if they really like you, they will go to great lengths for you. They have a clear opinion and can be a bit controlling, so in a relationship, it is important to choose your own path from the beginning. You could try to make it subtly clear that you need a bit more space; they will get the hint.

Aquarius: Funny and Cool

You can really laugh with an Aquarius – the most ordinary things will become much more fun because they will give it a fun twist. On the other hand, they are not the deepest type and can be a bit distant. Just like Gemini, they are bored very easily. The more independent you present yourself, the more they will like you (and will keep liking you).

Pisces: Sensitive and Tenacious

Pisces take their relationships pretty seriously. They can take a light-hearted comment to heart: Pisces is sensitive and easily feels rejected – and they will make this very clear. During an argument, he or she will not agree with you. When a Pisces is in love, they throw themselves into a relationship with complete dedication. They are attentive lovers, who will do their best to surprise you.

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Text: Dorien Vrieling

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