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This is Your Ideal Workout According to Your Zodiac Sign

This is Your Ideal Workout According to Your Zodiac Sign

Some people easily do three workouts a week, others find putting on activewear a challenge already. Do you see yourself in this last type? Or do you want to try something new? Let your Zodiac Sign guide you in choosing a new type of workout:

Aries – Personal Trainer

A Typical Aries trait – either consciously or unconsciously – is being the center of attention. They also don’t shy away from some competition. You can also battle yourself, instead of battling others. A personal trainer can help you reach new highs.

Taurus – Dance

This Zodiac Sign prefers to do a workout that does not feel like one. When it’s too intense and explosive it can make you feel tired quickly, instead of re-charged. Dancing is great for your body but also feels like a relaxation: Perfect for a Taurus.

Gemini – HIIT

Gemini loves variation and gets bored easily. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is different every time. The intense, changing exercises you do during this workout, will not be boring quickly, and make each lesson just a bit different than the last one. The social aspect of this workout fits a typical Gemini perfectly.

Cancer – Yoga

Do you rather stay at home than having to drag yourself to the gym for some exercise? Yoga is something you can do in your own safe surroundings. Cancer has great endurance, so keeping up a routine is not difficult. If you create a nice spot in your home where you can do your practice, the gym becomes unnecessary! Tip: Use an app or look for some yoga videos on YouTube to guide you.

Leo – Playing

You don’t need to do a typical workout to get in shape or to stay fit: There are other, more playful ways, to get enough exercise. Ask a friend or family member to play catch outside, or go running with your dog in the park.

Virgo – Pilates

Virgo is a practical sign. Do you exercise mainly because it is healthy, but do you prefer not to work up a sweat too much? You can let go of your need for discipline with some slow, controlled movements during a pilates class. Make sure you are not only busy enjoying its effects but also try to enjoy the workout itself.

Libra – Tennis

A sport that makes sure you get enough exercise but also has a social element to it, is perfect for Libra. You can play tennis with a friend; so you can catch up and workout at the same time.

Scorpio – Boxing

Full of self-confidence, powerful, intense, controlled, calm on the outside but full of emotional energy on the inside: Do you recognize yourself in these traits? Not everyone feels at home in the boxing ring, but for a real Scorpio, this could be the perfect challenge.

Sagittarius – Hiking

Sagittarius’s are overflowing with energy, are social and adventurous. Hiking brings you to new places and is something you can do with someone else easily. Don’t make it too easy for yourself: For instance, try a route with some changes in height. All that energy you have you can use during those climbs.

Capricorn – Running

A Capricorn is disciplined, reliable, and strategic. A sport that takes perseverance and patience, and in the long term, makes you feel like you have accomplished something is a perfect fit. Running, for instance. Start training for the five or ten kilometers, or challenge yourself with a (half) marathon.

Aquarius – Bootcamp

Aquarius’s are independent, but like being part of a group. During Bootcamp, you are part of a bigger company, but you do keep a certain type of freedom and a chance to challenge yourself. Are you often stuck in your head? This intensive workout can help you focus your energy on your body completely.

Pisces – Swimming

Pisces naturally swims well, because you literally feel like a fish in the water. But other workouts in the water – like surfing, sailing, water aerobics, or water polo – are great options as well. Try it out, and figure out which gives you more energy and trust your instinct: You know which type of exercise is best for you.

Text: Sanne Eva Dijkstra

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