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The power of the color purple

The power of the color purple

Purple is the color of mystery, spirituality and wisdom, the vivid hue that goes with our two highest chakras. The energy of purple helps you to see the invisible and hear what you already know deep down inside. 

The color purple has so many more beautiful features and peculiarities. We have collected some facts for you:

Purple and blue vitamins

The violet of blueberries, the red of the red cabbages, and all those other lively, full-bodied shades of purple we see in fruits, vegetables and flowers are produced by anthocyanins. This substance has the effect of an antioxidant on the plant – and on us when we eat vegetables and fruit that contain a lot of anthocyanins. It protects our cells and slows down the skin’s ageing.

If a kiss could be seen, it would look like a violet

– Lucy Maud Montgomery

Paint it purple

Try coloring your life purple, pink, violet, indigo for creativity and inspiration! Or use mineral makeup in those vibrant tones, it doesn’t get more pure and natural than that.

Inspired action

Indigo and violet are the colors that go with the third eye (the spot between your eyebrows) and the crown chakra. These energy centres are all about ‘seeing clearly’ and the connection with higher things. Yoga and meditation are wonderful ways of feeling and using the power of purple. But for that you need a firm grounding with the earth too. When you’re grounded, you can turn the inspired ideas from above into action.

Do you want to read more about this beautiful and warm color? This article is a part from ‘The power of purple’, an article from issue 15 ‘Intuition’.

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