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The power of shapes

The power of shapes

Everything around you, whether it’s outside in nature or inside your warm house, is based on an underlying geometry. Ancient civilizations realized that symmetrical shapes were found too often to be a mere coincidence. They saw symmetry as the mystery of creation. All of these shapes contain a wonderful sparkle of mystery. We have listed a number of beautiful shapes and their powers for you:

Circle : Unity and security

The circle is seen as unity, the All, and it’s the cross-section or flattened version of a sphere. The circle is also a symbol of unconditional love and security, because unity inspires trust. Masculinity an femininity come together in this symbol. It’s not hard to see why the ring is a merriage symbol, because a couple enters into a union. When we have a group discussion of a collective issue, we naturally find ourselves forming a circle.

If possible, we all try to be at about the same distance from the center. That’s part of what togetherness is. The sphere, the 3D version of the circle, is part of the basis for what are known as the Platonic solids. Following the first principles of life, the central sphere set everything is motion – the beginning of creation. And at the same time is stands for emptiness, and other five Platonic solids fit into it perfectly, with their vertices just touching the surface.

Square : Reliability and protection

The square and cube stand for the earth element and for our earthly existence. The bottom line of the square rests firmly on the ground. No movement here, but stability, boundedness, order and regularity. The square symbolizes the physical world of material, masculinity and reliability. And it goes together with logic, sobriety and symmetry, Its masculinity stems from its straight lines, while curves often stand for femininity. Sturdiness, stability and a grounded sense of security are hallmarks of our squarisch buildings, which make us feel safe and protected.

Hexahedron ( Cube ) : Calm, stability and groundedness

The square stands for grounding, but the cube goes one step further. A cube, also known as a hexahedron, raduates calm and stability with its six square faces ( hexa means six ), and because it can rest on any side in a very stable way. This links it to the first chakra and to self-confidence. The cube indicates boundaries and is sometimes ised to restrain the energy of shapes and forms. If they hold a cube or put a die in their pocket, it gives them some grounded energy. Adults can keep cubes in their cars for moments of anxiety – they heighten your focus. If you use a cube made of grounding materials, like jasper or tiger’s eye, the effect is doubled.

This article is a part from ‘Sacred Geometry – the power of shapes’, an article from issue 16 ‘Find your sparkle. 

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