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Taurus, this is your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020

Taurus, this is your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020

The start of the new year marks a beautiful trine relationship between the flashing planet Uranus and the communicational planet Mars. Furthermore, your personal planet Venus will be located in the sign of Aquarius. And they all point in one direction: 2020 will be your year of freedom and independence, Taurus.

Your own 4th of July

You can imagine that this prosperity might create some turbulence in a steady relationship. Even more so if that someone wants to keep you to oneself. For a peace-loving Taurus like you, those tensions will give you occasional stomach pain. Even though you don’t want to hurt anyone, the lure of liberty is too strong to ignore. Have faith in finding your bearings to pull yourself out of this emotional gap. There will be a time that the other is able to give you space without feeling threatened. And this will entirely be the result of how you communicate. Clear communication skills are the key to receiving sympathy from your environment. And that is how you shine in 2020. Have trust in the universe and everything will fall in place. Even if the answer doesn’t lay right in front of you.

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