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Take Some Time to Recover This Month, Leo

Take Some Time to Recover This Month, Leo

You only need to be your warm self to help others. 

With Neptune in Pisces, you can display tremendous sensitivity for people who grapple with deep trauma around identity and sexuality. You can get through, to the deepest pain someone might be experiencing. They will trust you with things they will not soon tell someone else.

Big Responsibility

This is because your reaction is filled with feeling and without any judgment. Only this is already healing for the other. But this sensitivity does come with great responsibility. Don’t try to play the role of a psychologist, or give therapy (unless you are schooled to help people with these types of traumas of course). It is only about the healing qualities of your listening ear, your safe presence, your loving acceptance of everything that someone might be dealing with. You don’t have to do more. The rest is up to the professionals. So, you can help people with doing what you are best in: being your warm self. When something that is told by you grips you tightly, take the time for recovery. Because of your great sensitivity, it is important you are not always “on”, but also shut “off” every now and then.

Text: Johanna Blok

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