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Space Clearing: Energetic Cleansing for Your Home

Space Clearing: Energetic Cleansing for Your Home

A clean house is what you get when you dust and scrub – it takes care of the ‘earthly dirt’. But there is a more thorough way: space clearing, an energetic cleansing of your home. Heavy energy out, positive energy in, so your surroundings will feel pleasant (again).

Everything has its own aura

You fill your own home with your personal energy. Furniture, photographs and paintings, plants, clothes: everything has its own aura. However, the atmosphere in a room consists of more than tangible things. Maybe the following sounds familiar: you enter the house of friends and feel a heavy atmosphere, and later on it turns out they just had a massive fight. Or you spend the night in a hotel, all the while suppressing the urge to run away screaming. There is no immediate cause, it just doesn’t feel right.

Create room for positivity

According to the theory of space clearing this is because a room absorbs energy. The energy can come from all sorts of sources: radiation from cellphones or computers, the energy of the earth and the subsoil water, the energy of previous inhabitants, and your own energy. It can be positive and light, but also heavy and negative. The latter can be caused by a sick person lying in a room for a long time, for example, or an office where you had a tough time due to the financial crisis. By space-clearing the house you can remove that kind of energy and create room for positivity and lightness.

It might be the thing for you

Many of us already do this subconsciously. After a long vacation we open all the windows in the house to let in some fresh air and new energy. We light candles on gloomy nights, or we burn essential oils to create a more pleasant atmosphere. If you feel that your house could use an energetic spring cleaning, or if you want to consciously create an environment focused on happiness and well-being, then space clearing is the thing for you.

Water, fire, Air, Earth

An approach often used for cleansing rooms involves the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. You can choose one, or some, or all of them. If you want to use the element air, you can hang up a wind chime that jingles softly when the air moves. If you would rather move yourself, you can walk or dance through your house while singing or making music. A more modest way is to sit somewhere and listen to beautiful music or play on a singing bowl.

For using the elements water or earth, fill some pottery bowls with mineral water or salt from the health food shop, and put one in every corner of the room to cleanse it. The salt should be flushed down the toilet after a maximum of 24 hours because it loses its purity eventually. A display of crystals (the earth element) is not only pretty, but also brings new energy to the house. And for those who like playing with fire, you can burn incense, or candles made of pure wax. Choose a corner of the room or make a special small altar to give your creativity free rein with a combination of several elements.

The Quick Fix

Space clearing in three steps:

1. Slowly walk around a room or the whole house. Gather things intuitively that give you a negative feeling: can they go? Also remove anything that’s old and lifeless, like dried flowers or plants, food past its best-before date, utensils that have become useless.

2. Put bowls of pure salt from the health food shop in every corner of the room. After 24 hours at the most, flush the salt down the toilet.

3. Give the room an energy boost with things you find attractive: flowers, plants, sparkling crystals, scented candles, a bowl of fresh organic fruit.

Text: Astrid Maria Boshuizen

This article is part of our issue 6 ‘Pure’

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