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Emma Lucy Knowles Knows Everything about Crystals (and soon you will too!)

Emma Lucy Knowles Knows Everything about Crystals (and soon you will too!)

Crystals can be seen as useful tools to start working on yourself. They give you support and remind you of the themes you want to tackle. In her book, The Power of Crystal Healing, Emma Lucy Knowles explains which stone can be used for what purpose. Whether it’s learning to love yourself, invoking the love of your life, or learning to focus more: this crystal expert tells you how to find the stone that suits you. And best of all, she does it in our new Instagram course too.

Instagram Course ‘Working with Crystals’

On the 25th of June our online course ‘Working with Crystals’ will start. This Instagram course teaches you in nine days how you can use the power of crystals in your daily life. Create more balance, energy, confidence and love. Almost a 1000 crystal fans already joined us!

How-To Videos with Emmy Lucy Knowles

Emma Lucy explains everything clearly in the Insta videos of the course: “What I want most is to help people find ways to use crystals in their lives. How do you choose the right crystals for you? I explain how crystals work, what they can do for you, and where you can put them in your house. If you want more love in your home, for instance, it’s important to know which spot feels like the heart of your home to you. It can be your living room, but also your kitchen or bedroom. That’s the ultimate spot for a crystal that resonates love.”

What This Course Will Give You

At the end of the course you know how to work with crystals. You will know exactly how to use the energy of the stones to experience more flow, energy and strength in your life.

With the Early Bird Discount the price of this training is now 39 USD.

What do you get for that?

  • How-To videos
  • Talks by crystal expert Emma Lucy Knowles
  • A crystal guide
  • Practical exercises
  • Video lessons on crystals
  • A printable crystals calendar to help you attune your crystals to the seasons and the phases of the moon.

Find out more here!

Victoria Beckham invited her to London

“Wow,” a lot of people tell Emma Lucy Knowles, “That happened pretty fast, didn’t it?” Knowles, aged 35 this year, published her book The Power of Crystal Healing in 2018. It was translated into German, French, Spanish and Dutch; Victoria Beckham invited her to her London store to talk about crystals; and Knowles currently has a flourishing practice as healer and reader. She is grateful for all of these things, a fact she emphasizes more than once during our FaceTime interview. But was it fast…? No. The talents she works with have been with her for as long as she can remember, and she worked very hard for years and years to learn to embrace them.

Crystal friends

The crystals she describes in her book have been in her life since she was young. “There was a little shop in our village called Number 81 where I selected my crystals. They just appealed to me, those lovely shiny gemstones. I’ve always been fond of shells and pineapples too, beautiful things from nature. And I noticed that they helped me find comfort, and that they had healing powers.” She’s holding a piece of rose quartz in her hand and she talks. There’s a lump of amethyst on her desk. “Crystals are like friends to me. Friends that I visit when I’m sad, or friends that I ask for advice.”

The power of crystal healing

In her book, The Power of Crystal Healing, she explains exactly which crystals you can use for what purpose. Do you want to learn to love yourself? Do you want to make dreams come true, achieve your goals, or simply start your day well? There’s always a crystal for it, in fact often there are lots of them. It’s up to you to find the stone that suits you best. Although she loves talking about the qualities of each stone, she would never prescribe anything to anyone. With crystals it’s much more about intuition than about theory. “Before you go to the shop to buy one, you can write down a few things that you’re looking for, that are important to you. But then put that note away and just go look. Which of the crystals appeals to you? Pick them up, feel the ones you like best. Sometimes it takes a while before you know what a stone can do for you. I myself sometimes notice after some time: I bought this stone for someone else.”

The important role of crystals

Crystals often play an important role in Emma’s healing sessions. “I put them on my client’s body, for example, along their chakra line. Crystals create confidence and help us get to a safe place. You can get unpleasant thoughts during a healing, but the crystals can help you get beyond that monkey mind.”

But how does it work?

She’s firmly convinced that the stones support you. So how does that work? “You can’t be lazy with crystals, you see. They can do a lot for you, but you have to work for it. Suppose you want more love in your life. The crystal will attract love, but there are different kinds. If you’re not sure what you need, you may find someone on your path who is like your ex – someone who doesn’t quite offer what you deserve. The work you have to do yourself is about inner healing, which will allow you to be open to someone who complements you.” Her advice: State your intentions when you buy a crystal. Make sure you know what you want, and what you expect the crystal to do for you. “Give it a clear assignment. If you don’t, it will still bring you something, but it’ll be more powerful when you give it a specific job.”

She has a lot of people in her life who also love crystals, but to her it’s not a must. “A close friend of mine is a brain researcher. I have long discussions with him, he keeps me on my toes. I am critical too; during my readings I scrutinize my experiences. Is it true what I’m seeing? Do I interpret it correctly?”

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We shall overcome

She lovingly calls the people she helps ‘the overcomers’. “A lot of people say they are scarred or broken. But the fact that they come to me and are ready to let go of the misery, that’s fantastic. It really moves me to see them flourish, hence the name.” Although she wants them to feel on top of the world, she uses tough love when necessary. “If they’re not listening, I let them have it. I always find the tone my client needs.” And if they lean on her too much, she creates distance. “I don’t do them any favors with too much contact. They have to find faith in themselves, even at times when life is shit. We can’t stop the rain, but we can put up an umbrella.”

Writing that book

A lot of things she does now started as a dream. Writing a book is something she’s wanted for years. “I stated that intention a long time ago: one day I’ll write a book. It took a while, but I did it.” Making a crystal jewelry collection was another fantasy she had as a young girl. “My father said I’d never make a living that way. I’m launching my jewelry line next month.” She also dreamed of creating a place where people could go for healings or readings. “A kind of spiritual center for everyone.”

Will she ever do anything but work from gut feeling and personal talents? “I can’t imagine. When I was young I tried hard to switch it off, and I learned it won’t make me happy. Doing what I do now does make me happy: coaching people. I am my work, and that is such a blessing.”

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