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Scorpio? This is How You Create a Safe Space this November

Scorpio? This is How You Create a Safe Space this November

You help children deal with insecurity this month, Scorpio. 

Naturally, Scorpio is a fantastic mother and educator. This is thanks to the fact you are able to look right through people, you can see what is hidden beneath a smile or a temper tantrum. But the memories from your youth make you understand what children need on a deeper level. Maye it seems like children do not suffer as much when things don’t go well, they do not have to adapt much. But this is just appearance.

Deep Love

On a subconscious level children will see the fears and worries of their parents and the problems in the world surrounding them. You can use your qualities to help children deal with insecurity. In the first place, this will mean your own children are in safe hands. But you can also create a safe space for other children, simply by what you say and do. You do not need to think about it first, it goes without thinking, from a deep love for the generation that physically might not be the most vulnerable, but mentally all the more.


Text: Johanna Blok 

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