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Scientifically Proven: Men with a Full Beard are More Attractive

Scientifically Proven: Men with a Full Beard are More Attractive

It is quite early. You are sitting on the train. Maybe you are reading a book, or are you listening to music, or are you looking out the window. And then you hear a male voice asking you if the seat next to you is free (with a big smile shining through his beard). “Oh, of course!”

The Full Beard

When he got out of the train (one stop before me), I was thinking about why he was so attractive to me. Exactly, his full beard. A full beard attracts me. This is just my type I thought, but apparently, I am not the only one.

It is even scientifically proven that more women prefer a man with a beard. And men with a beard seem more suited for a longer relationship (maybe I should have given him my number).

Full Beard = Long Relationship

The research was published in “The Journal of Evolutionary Biology”. For this research 8.520 women between 18 and 100 years old were asked to give their opinion about several different pictures of the same man. In a series of pictures the same man, with thanks to Photoshop – first had a light stubble, a heavy stubble, a full beard, and then cleanly shaven.

That last style wasn’t a favorite. The man was not suitable for a long relationship, but also not for a short relationship or even a one-night stand. For a short relationship or a one-night stand, the man scored best with heavy stubble, and after that with the light stubble. With a full beard, however, he became the ideal candidate for a long-term relationship.


During this research, they also played around with the man’s jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows. The more “masculine” these were, the better the man scored. According to the participants, masculine facial features give the man a grown sincere, loyal, and strong appearance, which makes him more attractive as a long-term partner.

According to the researchers, this may have to do with the fact that such man – according to the theory of evolution – is more likely to be seen by women like men who can defeat the enemy and bring in food.

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