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Sagittarius: There is Much Fun Work to be Done

Sagittarius: There is Much Fun Work to be Done

Don’t get stuck in your insecurity, Sagittarius. 

With Chiron in Aries, your healing qualities will show themselves on the level of creativity. Ingenuity can help you when life gets you down. And because we, as humans, are so creative, we know how to deal with anything. But this does need you to acknowledge your own qualities in this field.

Creative Mind

This month, you can linger in insecurity about your own inventiveness. Only when you see what an infinite creative creature you are, you can help others develop their creativity. In short, there is much fun work to be done, for creative spirits such as you. And the most fun part is that you don’t have to think for others: The trick is that they will become more creative themselves, by the questions you ask them.

Text: Johanna Blok 

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