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Safe and Secure: Surrender to the Night

Safe and Secure: Surrender to the Night

Sleep: Very important for your state of mind, your appearance, and your well-being. We explain through a few adjustments in the bedroom, how you can optimize the time you sleep so you can surrender to the night.

Cover Yourself with Soft Sheets

Peace. Quiet. Slumber. Dream. In order to sleep you need to surrender to the night, and that can only be done when you feel safe and secure. Sometimes all you need is to cover yourself up. A sheet alone can offer a sense of protection on some level. It’s a primal feeling. Babies and puppies also prefer to be covered when they sleep. Another recommendation for sleeping soundly is to make sue you have warm feet and a warm head but a cold nose. So when the temperature drops, put on sleeping socks and a nightcap but keep the window open. Try to make yourself comfortable, for example luxuriating in an extra duvet as a fabulously soft underlay, with clean, ironed sheets on top made of biological cotton.

Avoid Looking in a Mirror

It is also easier to relax when your bed is not right opposite the door, according to the teachings of Feng Shue. That disturbs the energy (chi) and makes proper sleep difficult. It is best to have your headboard against a wall and to keep the sides of the bed clear. In addition, make sure you can’t see yourself in a mirror while on the bed, and remove the element water – real or in pictures – from the bedroom.

Peace and Cleanliness

A bedroom is a “yin” space, so paint it in restful colors such as beige, lavender, pale green or light yellow. Use soft bulbs in your lamps, and place the lamp to the side, rather than right over the bed. Clutter (newspaper, books, cell phones) creates visual white noise in this room silence. Try tidying up; the ancient Chinese called it “quiet storm.” Modern science calls it “sleep hygiene”, and granny simply called it “common sense.”

This article is a part of ‘Tender is The Night’, an article from issue 17 ‘From the heart’.

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