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November Horoscope: Which Healing Qualities Can You Use?

November Horoscope: Which Healing Qualities Can You Use?

Everyone has healing qualities. A friendly word, a wink, a voice that gets softer as a sign of understanding, a postcard in the mailbox, a hot meal when you don’t have any energy left. Each Zodiac Sign shines its healing light differently. Read here how your Zodiac Sign uses its healing power.


Aries is guided by the planet Chiron this year, also called “the wounded healer”. This does not only make you face your own pain and look for healing but also means you can help others to heal the parts that have to do with the energy of Aries. If you meet people that struggle with aggression, anger, and frustration, you can point them towards a way of life filled with peace and harmony. If there are people in your surroundings, who struggle with the balance between independence and dependence, you can show them these qualities can exist next to each other, which makes them shine as a person. And when you get in touch with people who have a difficult time standing up for themselves, they can learn some much-needed things from you. You will discover that a lot of people struggle with themes like this, more than you can see on the outside. You will also see that you yourself are getting closer to a “complete” feeling, as you help more people find their way. So, when you get into a situation in which someone calls on you, keep your focus on these themes.


With Chiron in Aries and Neptune in Pisces, your healing quality will mainly be in the field of spirituality. You can help people (re)connect with this energy, which is basically the fundamental life-energy from which all other things grow. You can show others that life has meaning, that there is a sense in things that may seem meaningless sometimes. Do your healing work preferably in secrecy; behind the scenes. In places where people suffer and need comfort. Like in hospitals and prisons. Not all Taurus’s work in such a place, but maybe you can play a role in these kinds of places in the near future. Hospitals and prisons turn people back onto themselves. These are places where someone has to work on their mental or physical healing. The nurses, doctors, and guards seem to do all the hard work, but they are in fact assisting others that are going through a large type of cleansing or purgation. In this sense, they are actually a kind of shaman. So in case you suddenly feel connected with shamans and shamanistic rituals, then you can attribute this to Chiron and Neptune, shaking you awake.


As a super-communicator, you can help people find a group that suits them. Chiron in Aries will bring people onto your path that do not feel at home in their social environment. This could be people with a form of autism, but also children that are bullied, or simply people who do not like being in groups all that much, or people from a different cultural background. People who suffer from a form of social pain. But everyone does need connectedness. You can feel this is where their shoe pinches and can help them make a connection with others. By being a bridge. Two crucial things with this are openness and safety. Especially when experiences from the past made someone feel unsafe, this must first be dealt with. You can make works some small miracles here. But keep a close eye on the other’s boundaries. You cannot force or push others. It is about motivating them and showing them how their life gains meaning when they overcome their deep fear of “the group” and find their own.


Your healing qualities are best shown in places where people are working. People who are stuck in their jobs, or people who have lost courage because they no longer have a job for instance. There are the people you can inspire into turning their life around or to find motivation in their job again. What mainly strengthens your input, is that you draw from your own experiences. You do not tell stories taken from self-help books, but you make it personal by showing which got you where you are now. This will give a lot more confidence. They will feel that you do not look down on them, but that you are on their side. This is something that is strongly needed when the security of a job and earning a living is at stake. Besides this, you can also put the importance of work and career into perspective, because you are someone who never loses sight of the importance of home and family. And this is also healing, especially for when someone feels like their identity depends on their social status. Oh and you do not need to look for these people, they will come to you!


With Neptune in Pisces, you can display tremendous sensitivity for people who grapple with deep trauma around identity and sexuality. You can get through, to the deepest pain someone might be experiencing. They will trust you with things they will not soon tell someone else.

This is because your reaction is filled with feeling and without any judgment. Only this is already healing for the other. But this sensitivity does come with great responsibility. Don’t try to play the role of a psychologist, or give therapy (unless you are schooled to help people with these types of traumas of course). It is only about the healing qualities of your listening ear, your safe presence, your loving acceptance of everything that someone might be dealing with. You don’t have to do more. The rest is up to the professionals. So, you can help people with doing what you are best in: being your warm self. When something that is told by you grips you tightly, take the time for recovery. Because of your great sensitivity, it is important you are not always “on”, but also shut “off” every now and then.


With Neptune in Pisces, you can take on the role of martyr or scapegoat. By taking on this role, you will help others, even though this might not be via the conscious route. It happens to you, more than you actually choose it. But in this “happening” a soul wish is indeed fulfilled. Subconsciously, you want to do this for the other, you want to bring healing into a conflict or a relationship, for instance. By sacrificing yourself, the other is forced to take in another position, look at the situation differently. This does not mean you can salvage the relationship itself, but it does mean you can save the other, without winning anything yourself. And you will still do it. A way to ease your pain is the realization that you earn “karma-points” this way. Neptune is a planet heavily connected with karma. It is about healing another, by your inner strength to make sacrifices. And with this, you help the other, but also yourself: At soul level.


With Neptune in Pisces, you can be more aware of what the animals, the earth, and plants need. Maybe you might even think they are the ones who need healing. But in reality, it is us, the people, who need to heal how we deal with our environment.

This seems a practical subject, and it is when you think about the execution. But it basically is a spiritual theme. Do you feel a deep connection with the people we have in our environment? Do we know our position in the great whole? Or do we think we, as humans, are at the top of the food chain, and that it is our birthright to pluck the earth bare, without any consequences?

By starting up a conversation, you can help people make small steps in this awareness. Because thanks to a certain sensitivity you can anticipate the music. You can show others how we can become as happy as we can be, with more love and less materialism, while nature will get the chance to run its course. It is actually about building a healthy relationship: And this is something you are naturally good at.


Naturally, Scorpio is a fantastic mother and educator. This is thanks to the fact you are able to look right through people, you can see what is hidden beneath a smile or a temper tantrum. But the memories from your youth make you understand what children need on a deeper level. Maye it seems like children do not suffer as much when things don’t go well, they do not have to adapt much. But this is just appearance. On a subconscious level children will see the fears and worries of their parents and the problems in the world surrounding them. You can use your qualities to help children deal with insecurity. In the first place, this will mean your own children are in safe hands. But you can also create a safe space for other children, simply by what you say and do. You do not need to think about it first, it goes without thinking, from a deep love for the generation that physically might not be the most vulnerable, but mentally all the more.


With Chiron in Aries, your healing qualities will show themselves on the level of creativity. Ingenuity can help you when life gets you down. And because we, as humans, are so creative, we know how to deal with anything. But this does need you to acknowledge your own qualities in this field. This month, you can linger in insecurity about your own inventiveness. Only when you see what an infinite creative creature you are, you can help others develop their creativity. In short, there is much fun work to be done, for creative spirits such as you. And the most fun part is that you don’t have to think for others: The trick is that they will become more creative themselves, by the questions you ask them.


Your shamanistic side could be able to focus on a different way of communicating, with Neptune in Pisces. Your empathic abilities are stronger developed than normal, which allows you to see both sides of the story clearly. And this helps to bring people together. As a Capricorn you feel a bit exalted above others anyway, you have a bit more distance and overview. Use this to look at what is happening with compassion. You will see that the people who need you as a guide, when forming their opinion, will naturally come your way. They know how to find you, like moths drawn towards a flame.


Just like Capricorn, you can heal by using the right words. But your mission is one of a different color, the one of Chiron in Aries. This is mostly about body awareness. By living healthier and getting enough exercise, you can be a guide to others that need to recover their bond with their body. The people who need you, know where to find you. And the fun part is: By motivating them, you will stay motivated yourself.


Are you a Pisces? In this case, “healer” is your middle name. You are only happy when others are, and you can go a long way in this. The best way to do this now is by helping others to become aware of their self-worth or the lack thereof. Think about people who do everything to get appreciation from others. Like in a relationship or on Social Media. Often, behind this need to please, a huge emptiness and insecurity reside. The feeling of not being good enough to be allowed to receive the love of others. You will probably recognize this in yourself, but if you were able to find more wholeness and to love yourself unconditionally, then it is time to help others. By showing them their worth, by showing them they do not have to be beautiful, rich, or successful. They do not need to do anything, they are all right, just the way they are, and they are loved no matter what. You don’t need to say it often, just your presence and loving gaze can kiss this realization awake.

Text: Johanna Blok


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