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Use these Natural Rechargers to Create Instant Energy

Use these Natural Rechargers to Create Instant Energy

Do you feel a need for brightness and freshness? Here are some natural “rechargers” for a quick, and natural, boost.

Essential oils

Carry a tiny bottle with some essential oils on your person so you can breathe in fresh energy any time you like. Herbs such as: rosemary, thyme and mint will pick you up. Cheerful freshness can be found in citrus scents like: lemon, bergamot, grapefruit. And the oil of pines, cypresses or silver firs will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a beautiful oxygen-filled forest.

The beauty of gemstones

Gemstones have a language of their own. Red ones, such as garnets and rubies, represent power and action. You can count on them to make the blood pulse through your body more forcefully.

Just… sleep

It’s so lovely to sleep… to have a nap in the slow hours of the day. Just 10 to 20 minutes of sleep is a real power nap.
You wake up refreshed and focused on what’s next.

Vitamine D

All you have to do to feel energy is go outside and turn your face to the sun. Sunlight charges us up and boosts the production of vitamin D (very healthy) and the hormone serotonin (very happy).

Life Elixer

Dates, sesame seeds, pistachio nuts and goji berries are all energy givers. Packed together into a snack they are delicious with a drink of pomegranate juice. According to the Ancient Egyptians, this is a real life elixir.

The chakras underneath your feet

Did you know that you have a chakra underneath each foot? These “suns” in the middle of the soles of your feet can connect you to the Earth. Put your feet on the grass and let that nourishing energy flow up.

Fire Breath

Your breath is always at your disposal. For a quick pick-me-up from your belly, try the Fire Breath. When you breathe out, draw in your bellybutton forcefully and straighten your spine. You will then breathe in automatically. Repeat several times. Step up the pace bit by bit and feel yourself waking up.

Text: Ingrid Melenberg

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