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Moonology: The Way of the Moon

Moonology: The Way of the Moon

Yasmin Boland developed an easy method for working with the mystical powers of the moon, which according to ancient wisdom affects all life on Earth. She called it Moonology.

Maybe you lie awake sometimes when you’re supposed to sleep. You look out the window, and see a full moon. Or maybe you put your crystals out in the light of a full moon to get rid of negative energy and recharge them.

A lot of women feel something special for that magical white sphere that is always with us and to which we are so profoundly bound. The moon stands for many things, among them the feminine, emotions, mothers and children, susceptibility, care and the home. Yasmin Boland studied the rituals used by women throughout the centuries to bond with the moon. She designed an easy method for changing your life, following the eight phases of the moon. She called it Moonology.

How would you describe Moonology?

Yasmin: “Moonology is a special type of astro­logy that uses the moon to create the life you long for. By working with the phases of the moon you can learn to apply her magic in your life. You don’t have to be an astrologer to try Moonology; you don’t even have to believe in astrology. It’s really easy to work with the moon without understanding all the specifics. All you have to know to take up Moonology is that the moon, which you can see in the sky almost every night, has her own cycle, that we are connected to her, and that she is connected to our planet. During the eight phases of the moon, from new moon to full moon and back again, you can learn to manifest your desires and confide your wishes to the universe.”

What’s the difference between astrology and Moonology?

“Moonology is a wonderful introduction to astrology because it’s much simpler: You work with just the moon, not all the planets. Once you’ve worked with Moonology for a full year, all the aspects of your life will have passed by. If you want your life to change, it will. After that you may want to take up astrology. It’s more detailed, so more complicated too. The first thing astrology does for you is give you more insight into your own character. You see where you are in your life. Next, it becomes an instrument that can help you understand the energies that are present in your life. It’s a way to shape your life based on what happens in our solar system.”

You once said you’ve been “trying out” astrology for more than 20 years. Do you now have some idea of how it works?

“Astrology is one of the great mysteries of life. But most people will say that it goes by the principle ‘as above, so below,’ meaning what happens in the stars has repercussions on our lives. Because the planets and the Earth are all connected. The patterns of those connections have been studied for thousands of years. Twenty-five thousand-year-old drawings have been found showing that people tried to record the positions of the planets so they could predict what would happen on Earth. But there’s also a
theory that says we create our own reality with our thoughts, and astrology is a form of thought that has been applied to our planet for thousands of years. As a result it works in our heads. So who knows? All that matters to me is that I’ve applied astrology in all kinds of ways for 20 years now, and based on that I’m happy to claim that it works.”

How did you develop Moonology?

“I began developing it because the moon is about our emotions. That makes it perfectly suitable for manifes­tation. By manifestation I mean the process of realizing your life dreams. We manifest through emotions; your feelings create your life. What happens inside of you determines the thoughts, words and deeds you show to theoutside world. Simply put, if you feel
negative, you’ll attract more negativity; if you feel positive, chances are you’ll attract positivity. Of course it’s not
quite that simple, but this is the basic manifestation principle.

You can use Moonology to understand the focus in your life as it is now. But it works particularly well for manifesting the things you want in your life. Wise women already attuned themselves to the moon to thousands of years ago. It helped them to express their wishes and their spells. They performed their rituals to the new moon. During the witch hunts, which started in the Middle Ages, a lot of these magical women were murdered — burnt, drowned or hanged. A great deal of knowledge was destroyed that way. But today the feminine energies are released again and we’re coming back into our strength. I’ve rekindled that old wisdom, for use in our modern world by anyone who is interested in working with the moon.”

How can we use Moonology in daily life?

“You start when there’s a new moon by stating an intention. For example, “I want to buy a house this month.” You voice your intention, and for the next two weeks you perform “inspired action:“ you make sure people know this is what you want, you write it down, you visualize it, you cherish it. At the next full moon, if you find that your intention has not become reality, you let it go and hand your wish over to the universe. So it’s not just about stating your intention, but also about accepting that things
will happen in their own time; some wishes take more time than others.

Maybe the right house for you wasn’t on the market yet, maybe other things have to happen first before you can move. The point is that you steer your life in a certain direction without forcing anything. You let your intention be known and let the universe do its work because you understand that this way it will work out best for you. When you use the new moon to manifest your
desire, it’s the first step in creating your dream life. If you don’t state your intention at all, you don’t use your powers of creation.”

What will happen this year?

“This year there will be a number of important moments when Saturn makes an aspect with Neptune. Saturn is concerned with lessons to be learned, and Neptune is about mystical things, so this year a lot of people will learn about the power of intention, manifestation and surrender, and they’ll discuss it more amongst themselves.”

In your book, you write that Moonology is a very accessible way to make contact with nature.

“I love nature, very much so, but I’m also a real city girl. That’s why I need something like Moonology to stay
connected to our planet, otherwise I’d spend my whole life indoors. Going outside and looking up at the moon is a way for me to remind me who I am and what I’m doing here. It reminds me that the planet was once covered in trees. That way I can bridge the gap between my love of city life and my longing for the universe. As humans we are part of nature, and losing the connection would be a very dangerous thing. But that’s exactly what is happening. We eat nasty food, we don’t look after ourselves, and we spend our lives staring at screens and wearing headphones. We humans are rhythmical, cyclical creatures, and if we lose the primary connection with nature, everything will fall apart.”

Do you believe in destiny?

“Personally I believe we all create our own reality, but you might say that the issues we find on our path are written in the blueprints of our lives. If you regard astrology as a cosmic clock, you might say, Now it’s time for this, and now it’s time for that. Moonology presents you with a system that teaches you how the clock works, and how to understand cosmic energy. It reconnects you with the planet and it’s a very powerful expression of the divine feminine. It’s my mission to tell the world about this, because it has been suppressed for so long. Fortunately we can now use it again and bring the magic back into our lives.”

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Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles, Yasmin Boland, publisher: Hay House

This article is part of our issue 20, 2020 ‘Take Your Time’

Text: Sarah Domogala

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