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How to reveal the magic of gemstones and their cosmic power

How to reveal the magic of gemstones and their cosmic power

Every gemstone and every mineral is a piece of congealed energy that contains the power of one of the planets, claims classical astrologer Oscar Hofman. If you know which energy a stone gives off, you can use it very precisely to increase your well-being and happiness.

Obsidian – protects like Saturn

Obsidian is one of the most typical stones of Saturn, the planet of boun­daries, discipline and concentration. It is not a ‘real’ stone with a crystalline structure, because obsidian is created when lava flows from a volcano and rapidly cools into a glass-like mass. A liquid that rapidly changes into a solid is a wonderful image for impenetrable armour. This  is why obsidian has been used since time immemorial to protect against negative external influences. The stone stimulates purity and independence, can lend deep insight, and makes old pains bearable by connecting them to wisdom. Physically, it affects the skin and the hard parts of the body (Saturn is hard!) like bones and teeth, and stimulates wound healing.

Malachite – lots of feminine Venus energy

The metal associated with Venus is copper, which turns green when it oxidises. Many cultures associate the deep green malachite with the goddesses of love and beauty: Freya, Aphrodite and her Roman equivalent Venus. Malachite strengthens anything that belongs to Venus’ female energy: artistic sensitivity, erotic desire, sensuality and enjoyment, but also peacefulness, diplomacy and the ability to compromise. Malachite relaxes and is therefore used to relieve cramps. This super­feminine stone works upon the female sex organs and helps to relieve menstrual pains and sexual problems.

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Turquoise – Jupiter’s lucky stone

In astrology, Jupiter is known as the great benefactor. It is the planet of expansion, growth and hope; of space, a broad perspective and aspiration to the divine. Its typical colour is sky blue, as reflected in one of Jupiter’s main gemstones: turquoise. This is the lucky stone in the age-old gypsy tradition, and understandably so, because the lively blue cheers you up almost
automatically. In accordance with Jupiter’s positive energy, turquoise boosts general health and happiness. The stone stimulates zest for life, confidence, insight, understanding and hope. Physically, it affects the liver, encouraging detox and boosting the body’s powers of growth and recovery.

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Citrine – gemstone of the Sun

With its clear light yellow and golden hue and its fresh clarity, citrine is the gemstone of the sun. Citrine gemstones are highly sought after, because the sun’s power is very strong in this mineral. Its effect is like the sun coming out on a cold, rainy day. Clouds disappear and the light breaks through – your zest for life returns. Citrine provides self-confidence and energy, and combats depression and melancholy. Physically, it gives the  entire system a shot of heat, dispelling sensitivity to cold and stimulating digestion.

Sphalerite – sparkles like Mercury

In astrology, sparkling and flexible Mercury is known for its metamor­phoses. One of its characteristics is that it actually has no properties; it is the chameleon among the planets. Mercurial power is the pure neutral energy of connection. It gives shape
to the nervous system, perception and rational thought. Sphalerite is a typical Mercury stone, which actually looks like a cross-section of the brain. It is a deceptive stone, it looks and feels like a lead ore. The gemstone stimulates rational thought, brain
development and the senses, especially the taste and smell.

Blue chalcedon – A stone full of undulating moon force

The soft blue colour of the chalcedon already points to the strength of the ‘moon force’ in this stone. And you also see it in the undulating patterns: all the fluid, undulating, meandering structures in nature are formed by the moon, which is a water-’planet’. Water connects to the emotions, and the same quality is found in the chalcedon. The stone calms and stabilises your emotions and enhances your sensitivity and your ability to listen. It’s a good stone when you have to perform or speak publicly. Chalcedon gives you the gift of the gab and helps you to connect with your audience. Just before you start your presentation, put the stone on your tongue briefly or wear it on your skin. Physically, chalcedon stabilises the body’s fluid system, the lymph system, the mucous membranes and the hormonal balance.

Text: Oscar Hofman

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