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Libra, find out what true love will mean for you in 2020

Libra, find out what true love will mean for you in 2020

Libra, once the clock strikes twelve, the erotic planetoid Juno is in Libra in a favourable connection with your personal planet Venus. And guess what; you don’t need to be an astrologist to see the casting of the shadows of these planets. 2020 marks passion and eroticism.

Triangle relationships

Some astrologists see Juno as the indicator for marriage and true love. Another pack of astrologist believe Juno is the messenger of extramarital desire and resembles the symbol of love triangle. And there is something you should know about triangle relationships. They can create a sustainable dynamic which can last for years. This mainly occurs when a person isn’t able to choose between two lovers, while the other two play the roles of attraction and repulsion. In this way you will get involved with your partners affair in a very negative way. You, also could be that person who isn’t able to choose between two men (or women). And this is exactly what could happen to you in 2020. Funnily enough you will learn a lot from this situation. For example that no-one is good or bad, because in everything that is good, you will find something bad and in everything bad you will find good. That is the holism of Juno.

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