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Learn Everything About Crystals Emma Lucy Knowles

Learn Everything About Crystals Emma Lucy Knowles

Crystal expert and bestselling author Emma Lucy Knowles will teach you all about how to use the power of crystals in our award-winning Happinez Instagram Course “Working with Crystals”.

Chances are that you scroll through your Instagram feed multiple times a day. How great would it be if you can use your online screen time for your personal growth? With this idea in mind, we developed this Instagram course. A way for you to learn how to work with crystals – without having to go the extra mile, in an easy and accessible way. All the stories, videos, and posts will simply appear in your own Instagram feed.

The Course Consists of:

  • Daily video classes with crystal expert and bestselling author Emma Lucy Knowles
  • Daily stories, posts, videos that will teach you everything about crystals
  • A printable Crystal Guide and Crystal Calendar
  • You will get access to our private Insta-account with a private community and daily support

Video Lessons from Emma Lucy Knowles

The British Emma Lucy Knowles is a crystal therapist, meditation teacher, psychic, and the author of the International bestseller The Power of Chrystal Healing. Emma uses her knowledge of crystals to help and support people on their journey towards healing, personal growth, and happiness.

When Can You Start the Course?

  • The course starts on the 28th of September 2020
  • In 9 days, you will learn everything about the power of crystals
  • Including access to all the information for an additional month

How does it work?

  • Purchase the course here
  • Fill in your Instagram name and send a friend request
  • After you’ve been admitted, you will receive daily talks, tips, videos, and insights through the private community, starting the 28th of September
  • The modules will be available for an additional month after the course has finished. Which gives you the opportunity to go through the course material at your own pace.

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