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How Tosha Silver Frees Herself from Unrest

How Tosha Silver Frees Herself from Unrest

The American author Tosha Silver is a spiritual guide with a wonderfully simple and liberating message: All you have to do is trust in a higher power, whether you call it Love or the Divine. Because, according to Tosha, there is a greater plan.

In her book It’s Not Your Money, Tosha Silver tells the story of her old Polish-Russian grandmother Baba, who would come by twice a month to take her out to lunch. After they parked at the restaurant, Baba would say, “Okay, ve need to vemember zat ve parked next to zat nice green car, darlink. So ve don’t get lost!!!” And after lunch, every time, she was confused to find that the green car had vanished… After a few times, Tosha realized there was a better way. “We’re in the second row from the entrance.”

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

This is just like the way most people rely on transient anchors in life, like a job or a partner, Tosha explains. When they lose those anchors, they lose the ground beneath their feet. So it’s better to trust in something lasting: The divine source, divine intelligence. Then you’re grounded in a deep knowing, she says. “The perfect solution has already been selected,” she says. “I’ll be guided to it in the right time and way. If something needs to end, the new route will come, and I will gladly follow.”

Breath of Fresh Air

That, in a nutshell, is Tosha Silver’s message. From her home near San Francisco, she runs an online learning program called Living Outrageous Openness with a fast-growing fan base and tens of thousands of followers on social media. These days, many people believe you create your own reality with your thoughts, so you’re solely responsible if things don’t go the way you planned. For all those people,
Tosha is a breath of fresh air.

Outrageous Openness is the title of her first book, and that’s the inner attitude that she teaches. Total, one hundred percent openness to whatever life brings. Trusting whatever comes. Praying for signs, for clues and going through the day as if the power of cosmic love is always there to help. Because it is.


But if you don’t receive an answer or solution right away, how do you deal with impatience? “Ha!” Tosha says. “I know all about that. I have two brothers; at the kitchen table we always had to compete to be heard. For a long time after that, I lived in New York City, where you’re
constantly trained to be impatient. Everything has to happen Now. Right Away. That’s rooted in fear — the fear of not having enough time, of not getting what you need. Impatience is fear. So when you feel impatient, you can pray, “Please give me the confidence that my needs will be met. That everything that needs to unfold will unfold. Most important of all, that there’s enough time for everything. When you believe
there’s enough time for everything, your impatience will disappear. And you know, it’s not your time — it’s God’s.”

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Text: Lisette Thooft

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