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How To Use Crystals in Your Daily Life

How To Use Crystals in Your Daily Life

Gemstones and crystals are loved: More and more people use them to provide themselves and their surroundings with an energy boost or to give their intention a little extra strength. With these tips, you can surround yourself with the positive energy and healing powers of crystals.

1 During Meditation

Gemstones and crystals make meditation even more powerful. Hold the crystal in one or two hands, close your eyes, and focus your attention on your breathing. Some crystals can help you to ground better during meditation, others give energy and help you be more loving for yourself.  Whether a stone works for you, depends on who you are and what you need that moment. So experiment a bit with different types of crystals.

2 In Your Pocket

The more you (physically) get in touch with gemstones, your awareness of its energy will grow more and more. By carrying a crystal with you (for instance in your pocket, handbag or wallet) you can use this energy every moment of the day. Jewelry with gemstones is also a great option.

3 On Your Body

Placing crystals on certain places of your body could have a stronger effect than just holding one. When a chakra needs a bit of attention, lay the matching crystal on the chakra point, or near it, to bring out all emotions, and make your energy flow freely.

4 During Yoga

Put one or more gemstones on or near your yoga mat to surround yourself with positive and calming energy during your practice. Or put a crystal on your body, when you arrive at the end of your series, during savasana. This will help you focus on your inner world even better and relax more.

5 In a Grid

A Crystal Grid is a collection of crystals that make a certain shape. You can use a premade shape (try Google) or you can place the stones based on your intuition. Putting together a grid is a very mindful activity and can help you strengthen your intentions.

6 Part of an Altar

A house altar helps make you feel at peace in your own home. When you use crystals on your house altar you can add terrestrial energy. Do you work with a certain intention? Write it down and put a gemstone on top of it.

7 As Home Decoration

With crystals in your interior, you kill two birds with one stone. They are beautiful to look at, and they also have a positive influence on the energy and atmosphere in the house. Choose a single, large crystal as an eyecatcher, or put a couple of different smaller stones together.

8 Self-care

Did you know you can let your face shine even more by using crystals? For instance, put a gemstone in your bathwater (check if the crystal can withstand water, you can Google this) or make your own facial care with gemstones.

Do You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Crystals?

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