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How to Create Your Own House Altar

How to Create Your Own House Altar

If there is one place where you find peace, it is at home. Messy or organized, surrounded by your own stuff you feel most at ease. A house altar can help with this.

Even when you only put some candles on a small table: An altar is meant to create a point of peace in your home. Meditating, laying cards, sharing stories with loved ones that have passed away or your spirit guides; everything you want to do with complete peace and privacy, that is why you have a house altar. Do you really need a house altar? No, but it does help you aim your attention inwards. Five tips to decorate your house altar in a way that suits you.

Right Spot

How do you find the right spot for your house altar? Following your gut feeling with a bit of help from Feng Shui. Where do you feel most calm and at ease in your own home? From the center of your home – often literally the middle – the energy spreads through other rooms. Not a good spot for a heavy piece of furniture, but it is the right spot for a house altar. Try different spots, maybe you move the altar every once in a while. Because of its calm and serene atmosphere, it could be you end up in your bedroom. Be mindful to not put too much on your altar, because this will not benefit your sleep.


When picking a piece of furniture for your house altar, you can use any creative solutions you come up with: A fruit box, an antique coffee table, or your bedside table. It does not matter what you choose, but there are two criteria you do need to keep in mind: use a low piece of furniture which you can sit in front of and pick a piece that you have a special memory with. This last thing gives your altar special energy that helps you feel safe and calm.

Flowers and Crystals

Elements of nature on your altar make its energy pure. Small cacti, a bouquet of flowers, chestnuts, and dried leaves adorn your altar and bring in the outside air. Are you not the best in taking care of plants, or do you find this a bit messy? Focus on gemstones. Buy a crystal and do not pay too much attention to its effect, but choose one that catches your attention. This way you make sure you put a crystal on your altar that fits you perfectly at that moment. You can figure out its meaning later, which could be fun!

Oracle Cards

Choose a set of oracle cards and put these on your altar, pick one each day, and put it on your altar. Do you have multiple sets of cards? Don’t put all of them on your altar, because this disrupts the energy. They invite you to pick more cards, while it is more useful and calm to let one card do its job. The same goes for pictures of loved ones (that are no longer with us) or items that are special to you: Putting everything on your altar together, can shred the energy and make restless. Change the items on your altar every once in a while, so you can focus all your attention on it, once you put something new on it.

Incense, Sage or Palo Santo

Did you have some visitors, did you have a rough night’s sleep or is there heavy energy in your home? Put a smoking stick of palo santo on your house altar. It smells great and removes or cleanses energy that is not yours. With incense and sage, you can do the same, but the smell is a bit more intense. Just smell and experience what you like best before you put it on your house altar.

Text: Fabienne Peters

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