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This is How to Cleanse your Crystals

This is How to Cleanse your Crystals

Crystals can absorb energy from their surroundings. That’s not always a positive thing like when there’s a lot of fighting or grieving in the room it’s in. So it’s important to cleanse your stones regularly. When you use crystals for healings, it’s also advisable to reset them before and after each session or to give them an energetic boost. When you have a brand-new stone, it’s also a good idea to cleanse it before use.

Relieve the Tension

“Basically, the cleansing is more important than the recharging,” says crystal expert Martijn Antonius. “Stones absorb a lot of energy from their surroundings and they need to relieve that tension. Many people ask me how often they should do that, but there are no guidelines really – it’s a personal thing, a question of feeling. If there are lots of tensions in your surroundings, you’ll have to do it more often. Big stones don’t need cleansing as often as smaller ones; they’re generally more stable and more powerful.”

This is How it Works

Cleansing crystals can be done in various ways, using the principles of water, fire, or earth. If you’re not very experienced with crystals, start with a ‘dry’ cleansing. Says Antonius: “The safest cleansing method is putting the stone on a bed of small hematite stones for a few hours, then on a bed of small rock-crystals for a few hours. You can also burn sage, incense of sandalwood, or palo santo (sacred wood) and move the stones through the smoke. The third way of cleansing is putting the stone into the ground, or a pot of soil, for between 24 hours and 3 days.

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Cleansing with Water

Cleansing with water is also an option, but first, you need to know if your stone is waterproof. If it is, you can hold it under a lukewarm tap for five minutes, or in a stream. Antonius: “Make sure the water is not too hot, it might crack the stone. You’ll get a deeper cleansing if you leave the stone in a bowl of water for 24 hours. Use flat mineral water for this, because tap water is too calcareous and that will affect the softer stone types. Ferrous and/or porous stones like chrysocolla, calcite, celestine, prehnite, and pyrite shouldn’t be in the water too long, but it’s okay to rinse them briefly.”

Sun Showers

Masterful sunlight fuels the world; it fuels our very existence – and for crystals, it is no different. Sunlight moves through and warms even the hardest of materials. For extra effect: shower or bath your crystals and then move then outside not only to cleanse them but to allow them to be fuelled by the sun’s gentle rays. If you do not have access to outdoor space, the rays of the sun penetrating through a window are equally powerful. Observe how the crystals twinkle after being kissed by the sun.

Moon Baths

It’s pure magic how Mama Moon removes the toxins from your charms and at the same time from yourself, It also offers you a regular cleansing cycle as she graces us in totality every lunar month without fail – even when you can’t see her behind the clouds, you can feel her presence. She has an incredibly special connection with crystals – as she does with all nature. Shower or soak your crystals in water and then lay them outside or on the windowsill to allow the moon to bathe them.

One more important thing: don’t cleanse your stones thoughtlessly or carelessly, do it really attentively.

Text: Hanny Roskamp
Source: The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles

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