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How to Choose a Crystal That Suits You

How to Choose a Crystal That Suits You

If you have a closer look at all the beauty that Mother Earth produces, you will notice that crystals will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And did you know there are over seventy different crystals with various healing qualities? How do you pick your favorite? And which one suits you best? There are a few ways to pick one:

  1. Follow the “regulations” from the theory of crystals and pick one that suits your personality, star sign, or situation in life.
  2. Go purely by your gut feeling. Pick the first stone that catches your eye, in a store, or during a workshop. That’s the stone that appeals to you. It says something about who you are. It might coincide with your constitution or your Zodiac Sign, but it can also be about a quality you’re looking to demonstrate or express at some point.
  3. Find someone who has a lot of experience with crystals, like a crystal coach. They can suggest a stone that is attuned to your question or your issue. Dutch crystal coach Martijn Antonius sometimes has clients who say: “I don’t really like this stone.” Antonius: “That’s actually very interesting because it unleashes something in them, they feel something that makes them uncomfortable. And that can be exactly the area where there’s room for growth. I often hear from them later, when they’ve gone through the hard part, that the stone has become their very favorite.”

Need Some Inspiration For Choosing Your Crystal?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are You Introverted?

  • Tiger’s eye gives you the strength to show yourself. 
  • Malachite boosts your ability to take risks and go out exploring.
  • Blue chalcedony opens your throat chakra and helps you express your thoughts and feelings more easily.

Are You Extroverted?

  • Moonstone calms you down and takes you to a safe place inside yourself.
  • Amethyst also helps you to turn inward and stay close to who you are.
  • Peridot, also called olivine, boosts the heart chakra and helps you distance yourself from the influence of others.

Are You an Emotional Person?

  • Green fluorite helps you get your thoughts together and bring order to the chaos inside your head.
  • Aquamarine gives you courage when you’re oversensitive and feeling paralyzed.
  • Rock crystal can help you find clarity and focus when emotions threaten to overwhelm you.

Are You a Rational Person?

  • Rose quartz is the crystal for you, to bring you closer to your emotions and your heart.
  • Amazonite offers flow, inspiration, and softening.
  • Pink tourmaline opens your heart to love and brings emotional healing.

Are You an Optimist?

  • Larimar is calming and cooling.
  • Aragonite can help you ground yourself a bit more firmly and keep your balance when your enthusiasm runs away with you.
  • Hematite helps you keep both feet on the ground and balance yourself.

Are You a Pessimist?

  • Smoky quartz drives away fear and negativity and helps you keep your thoughts calm and positive.
  • Labradorite is regarded as a magical stone that can help bring about change. It also protects you from negative influences.
  • Citrine brings you joy and bliss, so you’ll be able to cope better with daily life.

Do You Need Some More Help with Choosing a Crystal?

You can also fill in our test! It will tell you exactly which crystal suits you best.

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This article is part of our issue 5, 2019 ‘Living lighthearted’

Text: Hanny Roskamp

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