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Why Not Everyone is Familiar with Their Hidden Moon Sign

Why Not Everyone is Familiar with Their Hidden Moon Sign

The Zodiac has Sun signs, as most people know, but it also has Moon signs. You can be a brave, extrovert Leo, but if the moon was in Pisces at the time of your birth, you can still be sensitive and withdrawn in your responses. Discover the power of your hidden Moon sign.

Force of Attraction

Apart from the sun, it’s probably the moon that has the strongest bond with Planet Earth. It’s much more powerful than the planets circling around the sun: the moon’s gravitational force causes the tides in all the world’s oceans. A lot of women find that their monthly cycle is somehow synchronized with the phases of the moon. The birthing process is also influenced by it; if you compile the times of birth of lots of people, you find that on average more people are born around a full moon and fewer around a new moon.

So the moon has an honorable and important place within astrology. It is the prime celestial body (officially the moon is not a planet) connected to our emotions. The sign-in which the moon stood when you were born tells you something about the way you deal with emotions. Do you bottle everything up? Are you a hothead, or aloof? One look at the position of the moon and an astrologer can tell some revealing secrets about you.

What is Your Moon Sign?

So the moon horoscope represents a number of things in your life. Vital ones are your mother and the bond you have with her, emotional attachment, and what you are like emotionally. Those things are all linked because your mother is the very first person with whom you bond. Below you’ll find the twelve moon signs explained. There are various websites where you can work out your personal moon sign.

Moon in Aries

You can be pretty assertive; stifling your emotions is not your thing. Possibly your mother was very young – emotionally – when she raised you. She may have put her own interests first or behaved impulsively. This made you feel unsafe. You learned to fight to get what’s yours.

In your adult life, you quickly get the impression you’re not being looked after. That can create a short circuit in your head, which translates into a fit of anger. But it’s never very deep and you can shake it off. Sports and exercise are a good way of release for you; that helps you keep your emotional balance.

Moon in Taurus

Sometimes you feel people don’t love you enough just as you are. Maybe it’s because you learned that you’re nobody until you have a lot. Your mother has a strong sense of standards and she values material possessions. This may make you feel like you need money or things because they give you a sense of security and self-esteem. But it creates a lot of self-doubt when you need to make decisions; sometimes you try to drown your negative emotions out with comfort food. The trick is to feed your self-esteem in a positive way. Music, gardening, and art give you a stronger emotional balance.

Moon in Gemini

Strong emotions can make you feel confused. You try to get a grip on them by rationally working out what’s going on. That internal dialogue can run wild and distract you from your gut feeling. Maybe your mother showed a lot of appreciation for your intellect and smartness, which encouraged you to develop your rational mind. But that may mean you have a hard time making decisions; you sometimes feel torn and restless inside. Gathering lots of information is what makes you feel safest. The best way to come back to yourself and get in touch with your feelings is to silence your brain for a while through mindfulness or meditation.

Moon in Cancer

Your close ties with your mother give you a head start when it comes to emotions. When you get older, it may prove difficult to find your own way and go against your mother’s wishes. Your bond may be a little too symbiotic and maybe you are tempted to hide in the warm and cozy atmosphere of your home and family. This means you’d miss out on the chance to let nothing but your own feelings guide you and get some experiences in the outside world. You can be very sensitive to the full moon. You respond quite emotionally in most situations. It may sometimes look dramatic, but you’re very resilient precisely because you don’t fight your emotions.

Moon in Leo

As a child you had a special place within the family; maybe your mother put you on a pedestal or spoiled you rotten. You got all the attention when you did a trick or told a joke. So now you feel safe when you’re the center of attention or when you get your way. If that doesn’t happen, insecurity sets in – are you nice enough or beautiful enough? You try to solve it by drowning out that inner voice, but you risk losing touch with your real emotions that way. Sometimes you lose yourself in dancing, clubbing, and flirting. One way of getting emotionally grounded again is playing with (your) children. It will calm down your wounded ego.

Moon in Virgo

However hard you tried, it was never good enough. It may be because your mother was such a perfectionist: neat clothes, everything in its place, tidy room. That can make you insecure. When that feeling translates itself into your body, a tiny flaw can become a major source of worry. You sometimes lose yourself in rituals just to get your life in order; if something is out of place it can really upset you. Molehills turn into mountains on some days. You also tend to be a workaholic or a health freak. Animals and nature make you feel good because through them you experience unconditional love. That helps to make your self-acceptance grow.

Moon in Libra

You have a hard time standing up for yourself and you prefer doing everything together. This is why you long for a partner, whether they are good to you or not. Ignoring your own needs is something you learned from your mother. Chances are she was very focused on your father and did some serious self-effacing to make the relationship successful. Stylizing your home can be important to you. It’s a way to create peace and harmony. You tend to approach your emotions in a rational way, thinking: How would someone else see this? That makes it difficult for you to get in touch with your own emotions. Music can help restore that contact.

Moon in Scorpio

Sometimes it’s hard for you to trust others and feel safe. You panic occasionally, you withdraw or cut yourself off from the world. Relationships can be quite a challenge for you. There may have been circumstances in your past when your mother left you in the lurch at a crucial moment. Maybe it wasn’t her fault, but that experience hurt you deeply. Perhaps she strikes you as manipulative, and then nothing is what it seems. You can learn to feel safe again by looking into your fears, anger, or resentment. Once you have processed painful memories yourself, you’ll be a master therapist: you can understand exactly what other people feel.

Moon in Sagittarius

Feeling at home somewhere can be a challenge for you. Your ‘gypsy heart’ makes you restless. Your mother set great store by her religious or cultural identity. Maybe they even seemed more important to her than your emotional needs. She might be from another country and possibly had a hard time adapting to the new culture, making you feel like you were uprooted or ‘different’. Maybe you’re trying to solve it by traveling a lot or roaming from place to place. But real emotional safety is something you can only find inside yourself. Do some introspection, sit quietly, and listen to your inner voice; it’s extremely wise and will give you a ‘lucky touch’.

Moon in Capricorn

You feel lonely or depressed sometimes because it seems like you have to carry the load all by yourself. Maybe you were the eldest child and you learned to be responsible at an early age. Your mother emphasized hard work, being tough, and achieving things. Possibly it created a pattern of short-changing yourself emotionally. Money can be a source of stress as if you need a lot of it to feel relaxed and safe. Your real emotions are strong, but you don’t like to trouble other people with them, except when you see others suffering: then you can’t stop your tears from flowing. You can find safety by cherishing your ‘inner child’ and caring for it.

Moon in Aquarius

You’ve learned to push away any emotions that are not socially acceptable. This is because your mother seemed to think that friendship and social ideals were more important than personal emotions. If you cried, she told you children in poor countries have much more to cry about. They also have fewer toys than you, which meant you always had to share yours. This can make you feel like you’re not very important to your mother. She becomes more like a friend than a safe haven. Sometimes it’s hard for you to connect with others because they rarely see what really goes on inside of you. And yet profound friendships in which you can show everything about yourself are the best thing that could happen to you.

Moon in Pisces

As a child you may have felt that you were invisible. Your mother lived in a dream world or had problems that kept her from being there for you. You learned to withdraw into your own fantasies. That made you creative, so chances are there’s quite a bit of art or music in your life. Maybe you developed a lot of empathy because your mother needed it. And possibly you miss a solid foundation for everyday life: paying bills, tidying up, cleaning. A good way to develop that is to do practical chores for people who need your help. That activity will help you feel grounded and safe. Spirituality can help you overcome feelings of loneliness.

Text: Hanny Roskamp

This article is part of our issue 17 – From the Heart

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