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Gemini: You Will Work Wonders this November

Gemini: You Will Work Wonders this November

It is important to keep an eye on other people’s boundaries this November, Gemini. 

As a super-communicator, you can help people find a group that suits them. Chiron in Aries will bring people onto your path that do not feel at home in their social environment. This could be people with a form of autism, but also children that are bullied, or simply people who do not like being in groups all that much, or people from a different cultural background. People who suffer from a form of social pain. But everyone does need connectedness. You can feel this is where their shoe pinches and can help them make a connection with others. By being a bridge.


Two crucial things with this are openness and safety. Especially when experiences from the past made someone feel unsafe, this must first be dealt with. You can make works some small miracles here. But keep a close eye on the other’s boundaries. You cannot force or push others. It is about motivating them and showing them how their life gains meaning when they overcome their deep fear of “the group” and find their own.

Text: Johanna Blok

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