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Gemini, read your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020 here

Gemini, read your Yearly Horoscope Analysis for 2020 here

Gemini, right at the start of the decennium your personal planet Mercury will be in Capricorn, where it connects with Jupiter and Uranus in a most favourable way. This alignment will mark a year full of promises, in which you are aware of your capabilities.

Are you aiming too high, Gemini?

There is a ‘but’ in this story though, as things can also be overwhelming at times. You might feel you’re not taking every opportunity that is presenting itself. With Mercury in Capricorn you are possibly aiming too high and can be hard on yourself for not reaching certain goals. Even that feeling of being the ‘golden girl’ can drive you crazy at times. As your mind is flowing over of opportunities, you can’t help but feel restricted to more ordinary obligations that get thrown at you. Try to be patient and allow yourself to discover and roam around the playground which is called life. Save the bigger choices in life for the right moment, when you are done exploring.

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