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Gateways to the Soul: 7 Stones for 7 Chakras

Gateways to the Soul: 7 Stones for 7 Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the subtle body. You can feel them, meditate on them, become aware of what they need, and do exercises to cleanse, liberate and relax them. It makes you feel a whole lot better. Each of the chakras can be stimulated by a certain gemstone. Place them on the corresponding chakra for extra strength.

Chakra 1 Muladhara

Muladhara is the first or lowest chakra, which is also called the root chakra. It symbolizes the right to be there, to exist. When the flow of energy is completely free here, you know deep in the depths of your soul that you’re allowed to exist. Suppose you lacked attention as a baby; this might have convinced you subconsciously that you’re not worth the trouble, or maybe it means you always have to fight really hard for attention. A cramped-up root chakra shows up in a strong need for protection and safety. It can also be a cause of financial problems, indecision, or chronic tiredness.

  • feeling safe/connected I am
  • color: red
  • element: earth
  • stone: red jasper

Chakra 2 Swadhisthana

The second chakra, swadhisthana, is also called the sacral chakra because it’s close to the sacrum, the place in your organs that can make new life. This chakra embodies the right to feel and create. It guides our dreams and fantasies. It is connected to water and all things fluid. A balanced sacral chakra makes you sensitive, intuitive and creative. When it’s disturbed or cramped up, you become oversensitive and anxious, crossing your own boundaries just to go with the flow, or you might feel depressed. Harshness, insensitivity and aggression can also indicate a cramped-up sacral chakra.

  • creativity/emotions I feel
  • color: orange
  • element: water
  • stone: orange calcite

Chakra 3 Manipura

This is the power center, the solar plexus, just above your belly button. The Sanskrit word manipura literally means “city of dazzling jewels”. This is the seat of your self-awareness and willpower – the belief that you have the right to act in this world. When your third chakra works well, you’re full of life energy and confidence. If it’s off-balance, you’re probably the queen of stress or a control freak. Or you’re heading for a burn-out or a fit of rage.

  • solar plexus  self-appreciation/willpower I do
  • color: light yellow
  • element: fire
  • stone: honey calcite

Chakra 4 Anahata

This brings us to the heart, the fourth chakra: anahata. It’s the connection between body and mind, low and high, you and others. Anahata literally means “undamaged”. This chakra thrives on forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others. The urge to touch other people starts in your heart chakra, so does your own desire to be touched and moved. Loneliness, fear of getting hurt, but also selfishness and jealousy indicate a disturbed energy balance in your heart chakra.

  • heart chakra  love/compassion I love
  • color: green
  • element: air
  • stone: aventurine

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Chakra 5 VishuddHa

Vishuddha is the Sanskrit word for the throat chakra, meaning ‘purity’. This chakra represents the right to speak the truth – your truth. Listening to others is a wonderful way to heal the fifth chakra, but do remember to listen to the voice of your own heart too. Gossip, lies and talking too much in general are signs of disturbed energy in the throat chakra.

  • throat chakra  expressing yourself I speak
  • color: light blue
  • element: ether
  • stone: angelite

Chakra 6 Ajna

The ajna chakra is also called the brow chakra or the third eye. People with an open sixth chakra radiate “I have the right to see.” It has to do with clairvoyance and having a clear view of the world, but  it’s also about having a rosy view of things or a gloomy one.

  • third eye  intuition/insight I see
  • color: dark blue
  • element: light
  • stone: sodalite

Chakra 7 Sahasrara

The seventh and highest chakra, sahasrara in Sanskrit, is your mystical center. If all the energy from your lower chakras can flow up freely, you feel that you are one with the universe and all separateness is an illusion. If your crown chakra is off-balance, it’ll be harder to connect to the world around you. You’re no longer your authentic self and you tend to take on other people’s opinions and convictions.

  • crown chakra  awareness/wisdom I know
  • color: purple
  • element: pure spirit
  • stone: amethyst

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This article is part of our issue 5, 2019 ‘Living lighthearted’ and of our issue 9, 2017 ‘Find Your Balance’.

Text: Lisette Thooft and Hanny Roskamp

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