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Five Reasons to Take ourself on a date

Five Reasons to Take ourself on a date

When we talk about self-care and self-love, we usually talk about the things you do at home, alone. Meditating, taking a bath, keeping a diary. But there’s no need to stay in when you want to treat yourself well. Five great reasons to take yourself on a date:

1 Time and Space to Think

If you have to make a difficult decision, you’re considering to take a new step in your career or there’s something else you’re worrying about, it’s usually a good idea to step outside your safe space. Going out makes it easier to gain a new perspective. And even though it can be helpful to hear other people’s opinions, they can also make you doubtful. Without the white noise of others’ opinions, it’s easier to discover what it is you really want.

2 It Makes You see Through Yourself

What do you choose to do if you don’t have to consider what someone else wants? Oftentimes we’re so occupied with what the world expects of us, we lose sight of what is important to us. A date with yourself brings new insight and makes it easier to listen to your inner voice.

3 It’ll Boost Your Confidence

The first time you go to a restaurant or cinema can feel a bit awkward. But why would you have to take someone with you? Who says a date has to be for two? Dating yourself means stepping outside your comfort zone. You’ll find you’ll survive – and probably even enjoy it. Especially if it feels scary, going out by yourself will boost your confidence.

4 No Need to Compromise

You can do whatever you want. Finally visit that lunch room you’ve passed by dozens of times, or wander through the book store for hours without anyone sighing impatiently. This is your chance.

5 No One to Entertain

Don’t feel like talking? Bit grumpy? Not a problem. A good mood is optional: During a date with you, you only have yourself to entertain.


Is the thought of having dinner or visiting a theater show a bit intimidating? You can define what “date” means. It’s about allowing yourself uncompromised me-time. If you want, you can take the first step inside your comfort zone: A night on the couch with a great book, or a long walk through the woods is a fine way to spend valuable time with yourself.

By Sanne Eva Dijkstra 

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