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Feel One with the Great Whole with this Chakra Mediation

Feel One with the Great Whole with this Chakra Mediation

In the West, we’re most familiar with the seven-chakra system from Indian philosophy. There are teachings that describe more energy centers. The eighth chakra, also known as the Universal Heart, is where you are one with the divine.

If you want to experience the eighth chakra, you have to transcend the mind. With this meditation you will feel one with the great whole:

Chakra Mediation

Sit upright in a quiet place and take a few deep, conscious in- and out-breaths. Once you’ve settled down, visualize a white-gold sun shining above your head, sending beams of white-gold light into your body through your crown.

As you breathe out, sense this beam of light continuing down your spine and flowing into the earth. All imbalanced or heavy energies flow out of the body through your root chakra (at your tailbone). You can release them with gratitude into the earth.

Now breathe the white-gold light all the way down your spine. Imagine and sense the white-gold light transforming into a warm ruby red at your root chakra. Feel the power flow through your physical body. As you breathe out, sense that you are radiating this ruby-red light and embodying courageous energy.

Next, picture the white-gold light at your sacral chakra (the base of the spine) becoming a vibrant orange. Between in- and out-breaths, feel yourself embodying energy and vigor. As you breathe out, radiate this golden light.

At your solar plexus chakra, visualize the white-gold light becoming a brilliant golden color.Sense yourself being filled with creativity and the expression of your highest purpose. As you breathe out, radiate this golden light.

At your heart chakra, picture the white-gold light becoming a sumptuous green and sense the beauty of the loving and compassionate being that you truly are. Radiate this love in the full awareness that you can choose love in every moment in thought, word, and deed.

At your throat chakra, visualize the white-gold light becoming the vivid blue color of the summer sky and allow the authentic expression of your unique creativity to flow through you as you radiate your loving truth which each out-breath.

At your forehead chakra, imagine the white-gold light turning dark blue and sense your profound inner wisdom and the knowledge that all life forms are one. Feel yourself radiate this spiritual consciousness as you breathe out.

Then visualize the white-gold light flowing up from the base of your spine through each chakra in turn, up to your crown chakra. Sense it becoming a violet glow there, and fill yourself with this beautiful light.

Finally, as you breathe out, radiate the energy of your divine Self to the cosmos, sharing your love, joy and gratitude with all beings.

This article is part of Issue 22 “Feel the Sun” 

Text: Ingrid Melenberg

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