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Face Your Pain this November, Aries

Face Your Pain this November, Aries

People can learn a lot from you. 

Aries is guided by the planet Chiron this year, also called “the wounded healer”. This does not only make you face your own pain and look for healing but also means you can help others to heal the parts that have to do with the energy of Aries. If you meet people that struggle with aggression, anger, and frustration, you can point them towards a way of life filled with peace and harmony. If there are people in your surroundings, who struggle with the balance between independence and dependence, you can show them these qualities can exist next to each other, which makes them shine as a person. And when you get in touch with people who have a difficult time standing up for themselves, they can learn some much-needed things from you.

Feeling Complete

You will discover that a lot of people struggle with themes like this, more than you can see on the outside. You will also see that you yourself are getting closer to a “complete” feeling, as you help more people find their way. So, when you get into a situation in which someone calls on you, keep your focus on these themes.

Text: Johanna Blok

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