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Do You Feel a Deep Connection with Nature, Libra?

Do You Feel a Deep Connection with Nature, Libra?

You help people to take small steps towards awareness this month. 

With Neptune in Pisces, you can be more aware of what the animals, the earth, and plants need. Maybe you might even think they are the ones who need healing. But in reality, it is us, the people, who need to heal how we deal with our environment.

Healthy Relationships

This seems a practical subject, and it is when you think about the execution. But it basically is a spiritual theme. Do you feel a deep connection with the people we have in our environment? Do we know our position in the great whole? Or do we think we, as humans, are at the top of the food chain, and that it is our birthright to pluck the earth bare, without any consequences?

By starting up a conversation, you can help people make small steps in this awareness. Because thanks to a certain sensitivity you can anticipate the music. You can show others how we can become as happy as we can be, with more love and less materialism, while nature will get the chance to run its course. It is actually about building a healthy relationship: And this is something you are naturally good at.

Text: Johanna Blok


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