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Crystals and Astrology; What Do They Have in Common?

Crystals and Astrology; What Do They Have in Common?

They are beautiful, with all their unusual colors and shapes, and they are valuable – these are the attractive qualities of gemstones. In addition, gemstones are also thought of as sources of cosmic power that can stimulate, relax, protect and even heal, according to experts. The study of gemstones goes back thousands of years. All these different stones have been inspected, felt and tested for their effects many times over.

Read the Language of Nature

In classical astrology, the entire cosmos is described based on the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seven planetary forces. These forces are thought of as seven basic energies that shape the world. They do not only work on human beings; they affect every natural creation. In any gemstone, one of the planetary forces is at work, sometimes in combination with a second stone. Recognising the effects of a planetary force in stones and other objects is called the doctrine of signatures. The principle is that mother nature wants to show us what her creations are good for, and therefore has given them external properties that help us in recognising their effects. But you first have to learn to ‘read’ the language of nature.

Clear as a Diamond

Let’s take a diamond as an example, the king of the gemstones. One of its properties is purity. Diamond consists entirely of carbon; the most desired gemstone in the world is nothing more than graphite shaped by enormous pressure and temperature. Diamond is also the hardest stone in nature. In classical astrology, hardness and purity are associated with the planet Saturn, i.e. the power of Saturn is at work in the diamond.

The ‘character’ of the planet is reflected in the effect that the stone has: it makes you more purposeful, clearer, less sensitive to manipulation, stronger and invulnerable. The glittering light from diamonds is remarkable, of course. Glittering light is associated with the sun, vital energy, the heart, and cheerfulness. Diamond is a combination of the sun and Saturn, resulting in a kind of regal, imperturbable purposefulness. The stone actively supports a diet or detox, because it helps in realising intentions and objectives, and not wavering from a set course. In order to use the diamond’s powers, you don’t have to buy such an expensive stone. The essence of gemstones are available, in which the stone’s energy is transferred into an alcohol solution of which you can take just a few drops.

Emerald for Your Sinuses

In medical astrology, gemstones, along with herbs, are the most important medicines. Based on the same doctrine of signatures, classical astrologers, therefore, recommend certain gemstones to improve your health. Using a special medical horoscope, you can see which planetary force causes an ailment in your body. This planetary force is not working properly and is out of balance and thus, causes problems. You can reset the balance by using the gemstone associated with the planet. For example, inflammation of the sinuses is a sign that your Venus energy is out of balance. Thus, wearing a stone of Venus, like an emerald, on your skin can help you get better.

Also, in areas other than medicine, there is an optimum stone for every human that can compensate for innate “weaknesses”, as well as activate talents and powers. Everybody has their own personal birth horoscope, a complex individual landscape of planetary forces that operate smoothly or somewhat defectively. For example, if Mars’ position in your horoscope is weak, a Mars gemstone – like hematite, garnet or jasper – can give you a helping hand. Which stone is best depends on the exact position of the planet in your horoscope. Hematite is very powerful, jasper is milder. In this way, you can use the right stone to help you balance your life.

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Looking at the Stars and the Stones

The seven ‘planets’ that classical astrology works with are the sun and the moon (the ‘lights’) and the five planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. How can you tell from a stone which planetary energy it contains?

* Saturn

Gives discipline, protection and concentration. Its colours tend to be dark: black, brown, dark blue or purple. The stones are usually not particularly beautiful or sparkling; hardness and purity.

Examples: Smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, onyx, fluorite.

* Jupiter

Gives space, hope, expansion, growth and orientation of the future. Lighter ‘optimistic’ colours such as yellow or sky-blue. 

Examples: Lapis lazuli, amethyst, topaz, larimar.

* Mars

Gives energy, action, combativeness, a fighting spirit, and sexual desire. Its colour is red, and the stones often contain iron.

Examples: Hematite, jasper, heliotrope, carnelian.

* Venus

Strengthens sense of beauty, femininity, eroticism, enjoyment, diplomacy, peacefulness. Charming colours such as green or pink. Often contains copper.

Examples: Opal, rose quartz, jade, aventurine.

* Mercury

Stimulates rational thought, flexibility, mental speed. Many colours, many varieties within one stone. Layered structure.

Examples: Tourmaline, aquamarine, agate.

* Moon

Calming and relaxing, provides nourishment and protection, stimulates susceptibility, and
admitting emotions. White, light blue, soft pink.

Examples: Mountain crystal, moon rock, celestine.

* Sun

Stimulates vitality, improves mood, gives self-confidence. Yellow-gold, orange.

Examples: Amber, rutilated quartz, ruby, oligoclase.

Text: Oscar Hofman

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