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Crystal Horoscope: These Gemtones Match Your Zodiac Sign

Crystal Horoscope: These Gemtones Match Your Zodiac Sign

The energy of crystals is related to the energy of zodiac signs. For instance, Libra has a lot of similarities with Rose Quartz. But this doesn’t automatically mean that a Libra should wear Rose Quartz. But, which crystal does fuel or inspires your sun sign? That’s what you will find out in this crystal horoscope.

The energy of Rose Quartz can be an excellent addition for the zodiac signs that are opposed and complementary to Libra: Aries and Cancer. Signs that inherently miss the peacefulness (Aries) and harmony (Cancer) of Libra.

These crystals match your sun sign:


Aries usually has a strong personality, who doesn’t like vagueness. This star sign has a lot of life energy and an entrepreneurial spirit, although there is little room for emotions. Still Aries can give a lot of warmth to loved ones. These crystals suit you:

  • Carnelian: similar energy to Aries
  • Moonstone: inspires Aries
  • Rose Quartz: fuels Aries


Taurus wants to be left alone, and needs certainty and security. This star sign will only start something new when its relevant. Taurus can sometimes work to hard which makes him or her susceptible for a burn-out. These crystals suit you:

  • Black Tourmaline: similar energy to Taurus
  • Tiger-eye: inspires Taurus
  • Obsidian: fuels Taurus


Gemini is easy to get along with and is intuitively towards others. This star sign is inquisitive, open-minded and multifaceted. A Gemini is down to earth, organized but soms a little careless. These crystals suit you:

  • Citrine: similar energy to Gemini
  • Agate: inspires Gemini
  • Jade: fuels Gemini


Cancer is sensitive, romantic and impressionable. Always acts on emotion; it has to feel right. Cancer can be shy and scared to break old habits. These crystals suit you:

  • Moonstone: similar energy to Cancer
  • Rose Quartz: inspires Cancer
  • Labradorite: fuels Cancer

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Leo has a strong personality; is strong-willed and has a dominant character. He or she doesn’t easily show his or her feelings, and for that reason can come across a bit harsh. He or she places high demands on others, but also on themselves. These crystals suit you:

  • Tiger-eye: similar energy to Leo
  • Obsidian: inspires Leo
  • Celestine: fuels Leo


Virgo is focused on useful things in life and likes to avoid the emotional side of things. It is a critical, down-to-earth, and rational star sign, although it may seem shy in contact and chooses its friends consciously. These crystals suit you:

  • Agate: similar energy to Virgo
  • Jade: inspires Virgo
  • Amethyst: fuels Virgo


Libra is emotional and always searching for the right balance between body, mind, and soul. This star sign has an eye for beautiful things and is in need of peace, harmony, and safety. Libra also doesn’t like responsibility. These crystals suit you:

  • Rose Quartz: similar energy to Libra
  • Labradorite: inspires Libra
  • Carnelian: fuels Libra


Scorpio can be strong-willed and intense. This star sign is convinced that he or she is right all the time and has a tendency to bigotry. Scorpio sets high standards on himself and on another and is always looking for the only real truth. These crystals suit you:

  • Obsidian: similar energy to Scorpio
  • Celestine: inspires Scorpio
  • Black Tourmaline: fuels Scorpio


Sagittarius has a strong desire for freedom, is often restless, and always adrift. This star sign is helpful, idealistic, open, and honest, but can also be a little insensitive, unstable, and imbalanced. These crystals suit you:

  • Jade: similar energy to Sagittarius
  • Amethyst: inspires Sagittarius
  • Citrine: fuels Sagittarius


Capricorn is goal-oriented and doesn’t express its feelings easily. Hence this star sign seems to be distant, but that is just appearance. A Capricorn is honest and genuine, and a tower of strength. These crystals suit you:

  • Labradorite: similar energy to Capricorn
  • Carnelian: inspires Capricorn
  • Moonstone: fuels Capricorn


Aquarius loves changes and new beginnings. In the eager desire to try everything out, this star sign often runs himself ragged without finishing anything. This can be stressful. Quietness is than what he needs. These crystals suit you:

  • Celestine: similar energy to Aquarius
  • Blach Tourmaline: inspires Aquarius
  • Tiger-eye: fuels Aquarius


Pisces is probably the most vulnerable star sign around. It finds it hard to cope with violence and avoids getting into fights. Strengthening the sense of reality is important while maintaining being vulnerable. These crystals suit you:

  • Amethyst: similar energy to Pisces
  • Citrine: inspires Pisces
  • Agate: fuels Pisces

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