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This is how you create your own healing garden at home

This is how you create your own healing garden at home

Feeling drained of all energy? You might think of going to a spa or a wellness resort. But why not stay in the familiar comfort of your own home? You only need a few things to seek the silence, recharge the batteries and revive yourself to the max.

Turn your home into a plant bath

Plants in your home do more than make oxygen and improve air quality and humidity. They can also reduce stress, according to scientific studies. When you work with plants, your blood pressure goes down and you feel calmer and more at ease. Ever tried having a plant bath? Put lots of plants together in a quiet corner, sit among them, and calmly breathe in and out. Be aware that plants are living creatures with subtle ways of commu­nication. Try to open yourself up to this. What do you smell? How does your breathing feel? What do you observe?

Foot massage

Countless nerves that correspond with places in your body end in the soles of your feet. The points around your toes are linked to your head; the area around the balls of your feet is roughly linked to your lungs; below that to the organs in your belly, and around your heels the links go to your sexual organs. So when you massage your feet, you actually massage your whole body. Start with a foot bath with some marbles or pebbles at the bottom. When you move your feet across them; they’ll stimulate all the right spots. After that, rub oil into your feet and massage them outwards, starting at your toes. Follow your intuition and use your thumbs, fingers and knuckles in slow, circular movements.

Balancing chakras

The ancient Egyptians placed gemstones on their bodies, or wore them, to prevent and cure ailments. You can use crystals yourself to balance your seven chakras. Lie down, relax, and put a specific semi­precious stone on each chakra. On the floor, close to your perineum, tiger’s eye. Just below your belly button, carnelian. At your solar plexus, yellow calcite. On your heart chakra, rose quartz or aventuria. On your throat, sodalite. On your forehead, amethyst. And just above your crown, clear quartz. Focus on your breathing, or spend half an hour going from one chakra to the next in your mind. You might start to feel hot, or tingle all over or feel nothing at all… It’s all fine. A lot of things will happen spiritually.


Hammocks are wonderful for relaxing, daydreaming and just being. Crying babies can be hushed by rocking them because they recognize the motion from the womb and it makes them feel comforted. A hammock or rocking chair allows you to feel that swaying womb sensation. It will help you relax and let go of your worries. A lot of people think hammocks make you curl up like a banana and give you neck aches and a sore back. But if you have a wide hammock that you can lie in diagonally, it will support you comfortably.

Bon meditation!

A mindfulness course often starts with this exercise: eat one raisin with complete attention. Don’t devour it but feel the structure, taste the flavor, chew with attention. You can elaborate on this exercise with other flavors and structures. Prepare a plate with morsels of apple, carrot, avocado and some nuts, and really take your time. Look at each bite, feel it and smell it before you put it in your mouth. Probe the structure without chewing. After a while, chew thoughtfully, play with the structure and taste the flavors. Only then do you swallow it and feel it go down. Pay full attention to each bite this way and enjoy the various sensations.

Soothing sounds

70% of your body is water, so it’s a perfect conductor for sound vibrations. And they can help you rediscover your inner silence. Sit down comfortably, relax and let vibrations of a drum or singing bowl transport you as you beat it gently. When everything inside of you vibrates along, any blockages you may have can break up and release pent-up emotions. This will help you relax even more. The low sounds of a drum can help you feel grounded. Higher tones like those from a singing bowl can be energizing.

Text: Bianca Bartels

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