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How to effectively cleanse and restore your energy

How to effectively cleanse and restore your energy

Being full of energy isn’t always as great as it sounds. Sometimes you pick up negative energies from other people. How can you clear away that unwanted energy 
and limit how much you take in?

Opening yourself up to energies around you

As you learn to live more consciously, you open yourself up more to the 
subtle energies around you. Being 
receptive to other people’s energy, and having the gift of seeing exactly what they need, can be very supportive. But if it happens unconsciously, it could drain you. Your co-worker’s stress can become infectious, and his tension can overwhelm you or follow you home at the end of a busy work day. You might think it’s better to avoid certain people or situations because they leave you tired or anxious, or you might imagine you’re overworked or have some other problem because you’re carrying their energy with you. But you’ve probably picked up energy that’s not really yours. For sensitive people, it’s 
important to learn how our energy 
system works. Then you can not only protect yourself from other people’s negative energy but also cleanse and restore your energy when you need to.

Energetic hygiene

Heavy energy attracts other heavy 
energy, and sensitive people often serve as energetic “garbage cans” for the people around them. As you 
become more conscious of how your energy system works, you can keep your own energy pure. It’s like taking a shower every day and then putting on clean clothes. The first step is to get to know your own aura—the energy field that’s all around us, unique to each of us. Gently sense your way around your own energy field. How close is it around your body? Is it thick, or thin and airy? What color is it? Does it make noise? Are there holes or bumps in it? Light or dark spots? Does it feel the same everywhere? You don’t have to answer all these questions—just see which ones are helpful for you. How do you experience energy? Maybe you’re most sensitive to sounds, or images; maybe you feel a vibration or notice colors around you.

Welcome energy

After a while, once you have a sense of your aura, you can experiment to find out what influences your energy. Try thinking of something or someone you love with all your heart. As soon as you feel the love flowing, you’ll notice changes in your aura. What happens? Does the color change? The vibration? The density? Now think of something you’re embarrassed about. Feel how your energy field changes now. You can also try inviting your pet or your partner into your space, playing music or going for a walk outdoors. Keep checking the boundaries of your 
energy field and what happens when something crosses them. How does it feel? Does it belong to you or to 
someone else? Do you want it there or not? The more you play with the 
possibilities, the sooner you’ll be able to tell when something enters your aura, and whether it’s welcome.

Energy exercises

When you can tell the difference between what is yours and what isn’t, you can consciously purify your energy. When we human beings still lived in the wild, our energy was cleansed naturally by our environment. Now we have 
to find ways of cleansing our energy ourselves, like swimming in open water, hiking or building a campfire. If you don’t have time for the great outdoors, you could do yoga, take a ritual bath, work in the garden or go for a walk 
in the rain or strong wind. You can also use the smoke from burning certain herbs to purify your aura, or use crystals to clear your energy. 
Here are a few exercises you can try:

Cleansing your energy

There are countless ways of clearing your aura of unwanted energy. In a natural setting, 
ask the elements (fire, wind, air and water) if they will take your unwanted energy and transform it into love. Or you could use the smoke from a smudge stick to cleanse your 
entire energy field thoroughly. You hold it in front of your belly and make circling motions from there, all over your aura. When you sense that you’re ready, fill your aura with the 
golden light of love.

Taking action in urgent situations

You may find yourself in a situation in which you feel you’re pulled downward and can not escape. Summon your inner love and feel it enter the world like a golden light. Love has such a high frequency that as soon as you radiate it, nothing can enter that is not love.
If this method isn’t working for you because you’re in stress mode, imagine a symbol for your boundaries—like a flame, a flower or a crystal—that you can place outside your 
aura, between you and the other person. That marks off your personal space.
Do you have time to get away for a moment? Then go outside, find a tree and place your foot on the roots. Ask the tree to conduct the negative energy inside you into the earth 
and transform it into love. You’ll feel lighter and more grounded right away.

Morning meditation

Sense the boundaries of your aura and bring them closer to you if necessary. Visualize 
a shell of light in a color that appeals to you, and promise yourself that nothing will 
enter your aura without your permission.

Evening meditation

If you have the feeling there’s still something lingering, you could try this meditation
practice: Direct your attention toward all the energy you collected in the course of the day, and ask it, in a friendly way, to return through the cleansing cosmic fire of the sun to the person or place that it came from. Then you can invite all the energy you left behind in 
the course of the day to pass through that same cleansing fire and return to you. This will make you whole again. Check whether there are still pieces of yourself that need love,
and send your own golden warmth there. Now you can begin the night with a clean, 
clear, energized feeling.

Source:  Sarah Domogala 

This article is a part of ‘Energy, cleansing and restoring it’, an article from issue 18 ‘Find your source of energy’.

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