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This is How you Charge your Crystals and Add an Intention to Them

This is How you Charge your Crystals and Add an Intention to Them

Have you ever wondered where the crystals you buy come from? They literally come from the belly of the earth, where they have been taking shape over millions of years. So they need someone to look after them from time to time. You can cleanse your crystals, but you can also charge them with new energy.

Rule of Thumb

According to crystal expert Martijn Antonius, most of the clear stones benefit from sunlight. “I put my rock crystals in the sun quite regularly, for example.” Translucent stones benefit most from the light of the full moon, and opaque ones can be charged in the earth.”Here’s a rule of thumb. Amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, celestite, citrine, kunzite, larimar, malachite, opal, rose quartz, tourmaline, fluorite, and turquoise don’t like the full sun. It makes them fade, or even crack. Some stones, like citrine and selenite, cleanse themselves and don’t have to be cleansed or charged very often.” 

Candle Charge

As always when working with fire, you need to take care. This is a quick-fix charge – think of it like plugging in your phone to top up the battery. You don’t need to hold it too close for the heat to burn off the bad energy. Pass it through once or twice and then place it on a natural surface, cloth, sand, soil, or Himalayan salts, to ground it, and to allow it to settle and soak in the recharge.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is wondrous. It’s used on our bodies to reorient the spirit and to best allow the body to heal itself. If you are interested in energy work such as reiki, you can take your crystal to sessions to recharge at the same time as you do.

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Add an Intention to Your Crystals

You can simply place a stone somewhere, or wear it, and wait for a miracle. Something wonderful might happen, but you could be disappointed. The most effective way of using a crystal is to let it help you strengthen an affirmation or intention. This is a positively phrased message you want to give to yourself. Here’s a number of examples of affirmations:

  • I open my heart to love.
  • I am grateful for every experience that comes my way.
  • I live a life of emotional and spiritual abundance.
  • I feel strong and confident.
  • I go by my feelings and make choices that suit me perfectly.

Write down an affirmation or intention with which you want to work. Choose words that suit you, don’t use negative phrasing, only positive ones. So something like ‘I am no longer afraid of love’ becomes ‘I am open to love’. It’s important because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between statements and denials.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Now take your crystal to a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. Hold the stone in your hand. Breathe deeply and calmly. Observe the crystal from all sides, take your time, feel how it lies in your hand, how heavy or light it is. Maybe you want to turn it so you can see all its radiance and colors from all sides. Ask yourself why you chose this stone. How does it make you feel? Is there a message it wants to give you? Continue to breathe deeply and calmly, and hold the stone to your heart. You can also lie down with the crystal on your heart. Say your intention or affirmation out loud. Repeat it a few times, say three, or for as long as it feels good. Feel what this does to you. From now on the crystal will carry your intention, and every time you see it or touch it, you can feel how the intention gets stronger. That can help you bring this affirmation about in your life.

Text: Hanny Roskamp
Source: The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles

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