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Black Moon Horoscope: Discover Your Shadow Side

Black Moon Horoscope: Discover Your Shadow Side

In all our horoscopes, Black Moon Lilith is in a certain sign. It is not a planet, but an astronomical point in which the Moon is furthest away from the Earth.

The Black Moon Lilith can help you understand the dark side of your personality –  the things you rather not see or hear. Think of anger, intense deep sadness, or insatiable desire. Often you are inclined to not associate the characteristics of the black moon with yourself. But looking at these characteristics in the eye may help you further your inner development.

Power From Previous Lives

The Sign the Black Moon stands in carries a sort of test element. You are challenged on qualities you, according to astrology, have acquired in previous lives. Imagine you are very good at giving and receiving love (Cancer). The Black Moon in Cancer challenges you to hold onto this power during the most perilous situations. Another example: You are analytical and blindly trust your intellect (Virgo). The Black Moon challenges you to combine your intellect with your feelings. Investigate on which levels you are challenged and maybe visit an astrologer if you want to know more.

Discover your Black Moon Sign here

Black Moon in Aries

Moving forward in their own way; this is something people with their Black Moon in Aries want. Their challenge lies in dealing with difficult people and making compromises.

Black Moon in Taurus

Security; this is something people with the Black Moon in Taurus prefer. But by always going for the safe option, instead of the unsure one, they could miss a lot of opportunities. Taking the leap stimulates the Black Moon.

Black Moon in Gemini

The Black Moon in Gemini creates mediators in heart and soul. These people have the inclination to pretend everything is all right when it actually is not. Challenge: allowing emotions and embracing the fact that life does not always go smoothly.

Black Moon in Cancer

Setting boundaries for people with their Black Moon in Cancer is essential: not clinging to a bond there isn’t and not accepting being clung onto by others.

Black Moon in Leo

Allowing yourself to shine and letting others shine as well, this is the goal for people with the Black Moon in Leo. Their big challenge is: Taking a step back and observe, instead of wanting to direct everything.

Black Moon in Virgo

People with their Black Moon in Virgo shy away from their intuition. For them, the challenge lies in not only trusting their intellect but also trusting their feelings blindly.

Black Moon in Libra

Choosing yourself, this is what the Black Moon in Libra preaches. The harmony these people strive for, no matter what, only exist by the virtue of their own honesty.

Black Moon in Scorpio

The Black Moon in Scorpio ensures a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that are not always positive. The challenge? Staying positive. These people are more resilient than they think.

Black Moon in Sagittarius

Being happy with everyday life; this is what the Black Moon in Sagittarius asks of us. This is a big deal for these people because being content is something they abhor intensively.

Black Moon in Capricorn

Good is not good enough for people with their Black Moon in Capricorn. They want the best of the best but need to accept that this is not always possible or a necessity.

Black Moon in Aquarius

Someone with their Black Moon in Aquarius will have to deal with challenges about their sense of freedom. They have to discover that real freedom is within themselves. The Black Moon in Aquarius tells us to stop looking for it elsewhere.

Black Moon in Pisces

People with their Black Moon in Pisces are very gifted intuitively. But, they can be very dependent and sensitive, which could become harmful. Their challenge: Discover where they stop, and where the other begins.

text: Fabienne Peters

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