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Are You Looking for Creative Freedom? This Ritual Can Help

Are You Looking for Creative Freedom? This Ritual Can Help

Women have performed rituals for many centuries. They’ve held ceremonies to boost (or minimize) fertility, to grieve losses, and to give thanks. Are you looking for ways to make more room in your life for your feminine energy and creative freedom? Find it in this gentle but powerful ritual.

Sound Bath

The manifestation of new things is the ultimate feminine power. Your womb not only produces new life in the shape of children, it is also the creative center of your whole being. Since the vibration of sound can travel so far and deep, a sound ritual is a fantastic way to activate or support this creative strength.

The Ritual

Find a pleasant spot where you can lie down for a while without being disturbed. Light a candle for yourself and formulate your intention on what you want to create or manifest in your life. It can be anything: more peace, more love or a different home. The more details you can visualize, the stronger you will make your intention.

Lie down and use a kind of vibration that appeals to you. For example, you can put a singing bowl on your lower belly and tap it gently. Feel how the vibrations spread from your womb throughout your body. If you don’t have a singing bowl, you can make the “aaaaahhhhh” sound and let it reverberate deep inside your chest. This is the sound of creation. You can make the ritual stronger by putting some lavender grains or a piece of tourmaline (cleansing for body, thoughts and emotions) or green jade (helps you find peace and accept your true nature) in your hand as you let the sounds flow through your body.

Keep making the sounds while you visualize what you want to create. When you feel it is enough, let the vibrations slowly ebb away. Stay put for a while longer in that wonderful energy you created.

This ritual is part of  ‘Ceremonies For Life – Five Feminine Rituals’, an article from issue 18 ‘Find your source of energy’

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