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What’s your spirit animal? It reminds you of your inner wisdom

What’s your spirit animal? It reminds you of your inner wisdom

Have you found your spirit animal yet? This animal is on your side at a specific point in your life, and gives you the strength you need. The spider encourages you to weave your own web, the crocodile motivates you to be patient. 

All fifty spirit animals are divided into three categories in David Carson’s book How To Find Your Spirit Animal: inner qualities, inner wisdom and inner beauty. The five spirit animals of inner wisdom are: horse, coyote, seal, hare and octopus.

Horse: retrieve your power

Shamans and horses are originally a good match. The noble animals are honored for their power and their gracious appearance. The legends around them are numerous: the universe as a horse, horses hidden in pumpkins, shaman drums that turn into horses during rituals. Physical horse power has been a valuable thing for people for centuries, and the power is symbolically connected to the horse, too. Are you in need of some power, after a rough time or with a new adventure ahead of you? The horse as a spirit animal helps you to increase your inner power.

Coyote: order instead of chaos

A survivor, that’s the coyote. It ambushes its prey all by itself, it chases a deer, survives at the North Pole or in Mexico – wherever it is, the coyote will find its way. The animal is flexible and smart, but also untrustworthy and hard to follow. It’s a valuable spirit animal if you’re in a chaotic situation, because it challenges you to find your path again. It may also appear when you do have everything in order. Ask yourself: is this structure enough for me? The coyote confronts and challenges.

Seal: dare to change

The sea represents emotion, mystery, endlessness and connection. In initiation rituals, the symbolic meaning of water is our everchanging reality. Life isn’t right or left, black or white, it’s all of it. The seal, living under water for the most part, knows it. Do you find yourself having old habits, fixed thoughts or fear of change? The seal may be your spirit animal. It offers flexibility and suppleness because it moves along to the rhythm of the sea.

Hare: be true to yourself

Hares are prey animals with very sharp hearing. Like no other, they are able to distinguish between sounds and decide whether the coast is clear. They are masters when it comes to maneuvers, deceiving their pursuers. Hares are sensitive, ingenious animals. As a spirit animal, the hare helps you to stay true to your path. Do you find it difficult to keep your balance and be true to yourself? The hare will help you – just as the rabbit, by the way.

Octopus: reduce stress

The octopus has eight tentacles. This number represents balance and completion. The animal is smart, flexible and solitary. When it’s in danger, it makes itself invisible or starts a poison attack. The octopus is focused on solutions and reaching its goal. It motivates you to succeed at several points at the same time, to reduce stress, not to stand out too much and be skillful when it comes to handling difficult situations. With the octopus as a spirit animal, you go through inner growth that strengthens you deeply.

Want to know more?

Read all about spirit animals in David Carson’s book How To Find Your Spirit Animal.

Text: Fabienne Peters – Photo: Jason Leung

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