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Indulge Yourself: 10 Self-care Ideas to do at Home

Indulge Yourself: 10 Self-care Ideas to do at Home

Sure, treating yourself to a retreat in the Italian mountains or in Bali is the summum of self-love, but in these times of uncertainty and finding ourselves more indoors we need to pay attention to ourselves, at home, for free. Make it a habit and practice self love every day. 

1.     Go for a Walk

Walking outside in the fresh air every day, helps you to connect with nature and empty your mind. The exercise will improve your mood and give you energy, even if you only go outside for ten minutes.

2.     Take a Hot Bath

Bathing for half an hour has a miraculous effect on your wellbeing. There’s not much you can do while soaking – besides, perhaps, reading a book. And that’s why it’s so good. If you want to relax a little more, add some magnesium, Epsom salt, or lavender oil to the water. Don’t own a bathtub? A warm shower helps, too.

3.     Treat Yourself to a Hot Drink

A warming cup of tea or matcha latte means a conscious short break. Have a seat, take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy.

4.     Throw Your Legs in the Air

The Broken Candle yoga position improves the blood supply to your upper body and your head after a long day. This position relaxes and calms you down: It’s perfect if you’re stressed. Sit close to the wall (with your face towards the wall), “walk” up the wall with your feet and lie down on your back. Your body is shaped in an L-like shape now. Put your arms next to your body, with the palms of your hands turned upwards. Keep this position for at least five minutes, breathing slowly in and out. Do you tend to lie awake at night, going over all sorts of things? Then the Broken Candle can be a pleasant asana (position) before you go to sleep.

5.     Call a Friend

Do you mostly stay in touch with your besties or family via WhatsApp? It’s a good idea to call them no wand then. Hearing the voice of someone you love can have quite a therapeutic effect. It makes the two of you happier: A win-win situation!

6.     Keep a Diary

Writing down your thoughts, cares and experiences is the ultimate way to empty your mind. Writing helps you to gain insight and clarity and allows you to let go of feelings and problems. Don’t overthink it, just let your thoughts and feelings wander.

7.     Put Your Phone in “do not disturb” Mode

Allow yourself to be in the present and enjoy the moment, without being distracted by the continuous stream of messages. They can wait!

8.     Organize Your Life

Especially if you’re busy, it’s important to have a peaceful place to come home to. In an organized home, it’s much easier to relax. Regularly take fifteen minutes to clean out (part of) a room in your house: The countertop, the kitchen drawer filled with small things, your wardrobe, etcetera.

9.     Put Some Music On

Listening to good music makes you disappear into another world. Put on your favorite album and blow of some steam. Dancing is allowed!

10.  Get up Half an Hour Earlier (or Go to Bed Half an Hour Earlier)

It may not look like a lot, but 30 minutes can make a lot of difference. If you’re tired, just go to bed half an hour earlier than you’re used to. Your body and mind will thank you. Have a long day ahead of you? Get up half an hour earlier than you normally do. Don’t press snooze, but take this time to get started with a nice breakfast or a meditation. You’ll be surprised by the difference: A conscious morning ritual has a real effect on your productivity.

 Text: Sanne Eva Dijkstra 

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