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Just Moved Into a New House and Feeling Homesick? This is How You Handle it

Just Moved Into a New House and Feeling Homesick? This is How You Handle it

Moving house means a lot more than just replacing your belongings from one place to another. It means new surroundings, new sounds, new neighbors, lots of boxes, and leaving everything you knew. All these things can make you feel a bit lost and homesick.

Let’s start with something obvious: homesickness is nothing to be ashamed of. Leaving a place you loved – no matter how long or how short – is difficult and getting used to a new thing takes time. And if you’re feeling homesick during a holiday, you know you’ll get back home again, but that’s different after moving. The new place is home, and after a while, you’ll start longing for it when you’re away for a while. You will, it just takes time.

But before you do – while you’re in the middle of the process of change, and your new home doesn’t feel all that homely yet – the following insights can help you to handle your homesickness.

Moving Consciously

Moving house means lots of paperwork and chores. If you start doing them in time – making sure everyone has your new address, sorting your stuff, tossing out things you don’t want to keep – it saves you a lot of thinking in the middle of the move. Moving consciously: you can get used to your new place easily.

Of course, a mess is part of the deal. Even the most organized mover is looking for one or two things now and then. By preparing in time, you allow yourself the time to focus on your feelings and all the changes in your life. That way, once you’ve moved, you don’t have to immediately think about administration and things like that.

Take Your Time

It works the same for all the changes in your life: Getting used to new situations takes time. Are you aware of the fact that it takes time to let go of the old, and start with the new? Then don’t expect yourself to feel completely ‘normal’ after two weeks in your new home. By having high expectations, you only make things difficult for yourself, because you don’t pay attention to the emotions and needs you’re feeling right now.

If you’re feeling sad or empty in your new home, so you just don’t know where you should put this vase (in the bedroom or in the living room?) don’t push yourself to make a choice. You don’t have to decide right now, and you can always change things. Allow yourself to experience unpleasant feelings during this transition. Accepting these feelings will make them soften.

See Opportunities

Don’t forget you’re in an entirely new surrounding filled with chances. You may find a friend for life here, you may meet people who share your hobbies or find out the best pizzeria ever is just around the corner. Change keeps things interesting, even if it’s difficult sometimes.

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