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What Does Your Name Say About You? Calculate Your Name Number and Find Out

What Does Your Name Say About You? Calculate Your Name Number and Find Out

Numerology is applicable to lots of things. You can even find out the meaning of your name: Your name number offers insight in your personality. What’s the meaning of your name? 

Calculate your name number

You calculate your name number for your entire name (first and last name). Calculate your name with and without your baptismal names (if you have any) and compare the meanings. In this table, you can find the figures that are connected to the letters in the alphabet.

1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

Write down the figures under the letters of your name and then add up. Keep counting the separate figures of this number, until you only have one. Unless you get 11, 22 or 33 as an answer: these are the master numbers, that represent a special life mission.

Joyce van der Heijden
16735 415  459  8591455 = 87 (8+7) = 15 (1+5) = 6

Hidden Features

Do you want to know what your name tells you about your personality and self image? Then add up the vowels in your name. Do you want to know the impression you make on others? Only add up the consonants. And your hidden talent? To find out what that is, you add up the figures from the first letters of your first- and last name.

Example vowels Joyce van der Heijden:
65 1 5 5915 = 37 (3+7) = 1

Example consonants Joyce van der Heijden:
173 45 49 845 = 50 (5+0) = 5

Example first letter of first and last name Joyce van der Heijden:
1 8 = 9

The Meaning of the Figures

Calculated all the name numbers? Find out what they mean.

1 = Leader

Ones are individualists. Brave people with lots of energy. They are sincere, lively, creative and persistent. Ones like to be in control, are often dominant and rarely take other people’s advice.

2 = Helper

Sensitive and intuitive, that’s what the two is. Twos are always ready to help people, they are loving, observing and diplomatic. They long for acknowledgement, and that’s how they sometimes lose sight of their own interests.

3 = Romantic

Threes are dreamers. Sensitive, empathetic people. They are communicative and experience life intensely. That sometimes makes them dramatic and moody. Three is nostalgic, holds on to the past and dreams of a beautiful future.

4 = Disciplined

Fours work hard. They’re serious and funny at the same time. People with name number four are disciplined, persistent, trustworthy, critical, perfectionists and sometimes very strict.

5 = Hedonist

Adventurers, innovative people. Fives are enthusiastic and care deeply about their freedom. They are optimistic, charismatic, sometimes restless people. For fives, it’s really important to learn that life can’t always be fun. Executing their numerous plans is important tot hem.

6. Harmonious one

Sixes are warm and loyal people. They are family persons, who strive for peace and harmony. They love aesthetic things and being spoiled. The downside of this positive attitude is doubt, indecisiveness and jealousy.

7 = Philosopher

Intellectual and philosophical. The seven is a thinker. They are observing, analytical, mystical people with a sharp ability to observe. They can come across as distant, and are often soloists.

8 = Successful

Eight represents ambition, driven by a strong inner power. They are successful, dynamic and straightforward. An eight is a true workaholic, who tends to put their feelings aside if that makes things easier.

9 = Giver

Nines are versatile, open minded and peace loving. They are endlessly patient and focused on harmony and unconditional giving. They have to be aware of stubbornness and indecisiveness, because that can cause them to peter out.

11 = Visionary

Inspirator with a strong intuition and a spiritual mission. Elevens are often idealists and can truly touch others. They are eccentric people, who tend to be unpractical.

22 = Analytic

Twenty-two looks at life, and the many projects they start, from a helicopter view. With their strong mind power, they are able to manage and motivate. They are efficient and good at analysing, but pressure can make them scared or even desperate.

33 = Healer

Enlightened people with an ability to heal. Oftentimes, thirty three leads a tumultuous life. They really sense things and give them a spiritual meaning. Their pitfall? Acting like a victim. To avoid it, they have to really embrace life.

Text: Fabienne Peters – Photo: Allef Vinicius

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