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Is your son or daughter an indigo child? This is how you guide them in life

Is your son or daughter an indigo child? This is how you guide them in life

Indigo children are very sensitive: they feel, see, hear or know more than other children their age. How do you make sure a special child like yours taps into their power?

Psychologists and astrologists say indigo children prepare us for a new society, the new age, in which spiritual values are more and more important. These sensitive children see the world intuitively, and they are drawn to the spiritual. Some of them even see auras or angels, and they come up with astonishing insights.


From a young age, they strive for unity and harmony. Indigo children are less focused on themselves, they feel like they’re one with the world and with others. They often sense how other people are feeling and are very empathetic.


Do you recognise a lot of these qualities in yourself? Perhaps you’re an indigo parent: a sensitive adult, who has grown up in a time when there was less room for intuition and emotion.

Are you a parent to an indigo child? 5 tips

TIP 1:

Make sure there is ‘time to settle’: time to process new impressions. Indigo children need time to be outside. Away from the noise of the city is where they find their peace.

TIP 2:

Teach your child to visualise, to help them protect themselves in difficult situations. If he or she knows how to imagine there’s an egg of light around them, or a protective cloak, a magical girdle, a hedge of roses or a glass wall.

TIP 3:

Introduce them to meditation or yoga. Meditation can help them to distance themselves and process all stimuli.

TIP 4:

An indigo child has a hard time with lies and deceit, so it’s important to be honest and open.

TIP 5:

Make sure they have a creative outlet. Indigo children are often very visual and extremely creative. If you give them the time and space to discover their creativity, they’ll develop unique ideas and discover remarkable things.

Photo: Roberto Sanches Carvalho

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